Instant Downloads for Teens

I'm a big believer that spring break should mean taking an actual break. Take some time to read magazine, watch television, and enjoy comics. And the best part is, you can do all that without ever leaving your house (even if your parents changed the Netflix password). Check out these instant digital downloads available to you […]

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Girl Superpower

If you loved Ms. Marvel or Squirrel Girl and you're looking for more superhero comics with girl power, try one of these awesome spin-offs and reboots from 2016. When Dinah joins the freshly renamed rock band Black Canary as its new lead singer, her bandmates have no idea that she's really a supersonic superhero whose voice can shatter more […]

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Read Comics through Hoopla

Hoopla is one of the most convenient services available for digital library users. Lending is based on titles per month instead of available copies, so you will never have to wait in line. Already a robust collection of music, videos, and audiobooks, Hoopla recently expanded its offerings to include comics. Here are recommendations for popular […]

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Top Picks for DC Comic Fans

If you're pumped to see the upcoming action-packed Superman vs. Batman on March 25, we recommend these top picks of great comics with popular DC superheroes to tide you over until the big opening night. All-star Superman by Grant Morrison shows us Superman at his most powerful and most human. Diagnosed with a deadly radiation-fueled cancer after a […]

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