Maker Lab Reopening Survey

Have you missed the Maker Lab? We haven't gone anywhere! We have weekly online classes, and we offer online one-on-ones and fabrication services.

We are working on a new equipment reservation system and tutorials. Give us your feedback to help us plan where to start.

The survey closes on May 22.

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  • Maker Labs are at the following locations. Which locations are you able to visit? * Required
  • If Maker Lab equipment is available by reservation, which times of day are best for you? * Required
  • Which Maker Lab equipment are you interested in using? * Required
  • Equipment reservations need to be made in advance. About how much time would your ideal reservation be? * Required
  • We will continue to offer online one-on-one help as you work on your ideas. Are you interested in online help before making an equipment reservation? * Required
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