Have a Day of Play in October

Any time is a good time to play. But at Chicago Public Library, October is the month where we celebrate play and encourage everyone to take the time to play as a family. On Saturday, October 16, you can celebrate with us by having a fun family game night at home, inspired by resources from the library.

Here are some new ways you can play along with us:

  • Saturday, October 16 at 6 p.m.: 123 Andrés presents a playful concert for kids of all ages. Register to sing along or tune in on Facebook or YouTube!
  • Pick up a Day of Play Grab and Go Kit at your neighborhood library. This kit features items that will help you have a fun family game night at home!
  • When you're all done with your games, tune into a sleepy story time before bed featuring Sarah Dell'Amico reading Just Like A Mama followed by librarian Daylily reading Brown Baby Lullaby.

For even more ways to play, try these activities from past years:

Stop by our Day of Play page for even more books and resources to help you find your favorite way to play.