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Damsel Readalikes for Teens

Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom, the prince was ready to become the king. But first, he had to battle a dragon, rescue the damsel, bring her back to his castle and marry her. That was how it had always been and how it would always be. No one ever knew where the…
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Celebrate Our National Parks

Kids, pack your bags, grab your hiking shoes and tell the family it’s time for a real vacation! Where are some of the best places to vacation? Our National Parks! There is no better year to visit these treasures than this year as the National Parks’ celebrate their centennial. Happy 100th Birthday, National Park Service! Glaciers, mountains…
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Felting: A Beginner’s Guide

People have been felting for many centuries to add warmth and insulation. Although felting is still used for this, many people have taken to the craft for less utilitarian purposes. What exactly is felting? Felting is an ancient practice of matting, condensing and pressing fibers together. The most common fibers are wool or acrylic. How do…
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