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Fun and Fabulous

Since Gay Liberation took off, it is fashionable to write Very Serious Books about the gay experience. That said, most queer men are possessed of a sense of humor, particularly about the hard-partying subset of the culture. Below are some novels, some frothier than others, about being young and dumb and full of fun.  Tommy's…
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Down and Out in the Stacks

What's in a title? Perhaps the whole story, or nothing at all. The following books all start with Down And Out In... and diverge wildly from there. Most are humorous, though the style of humor varies. Whether it's the Paris slums or The Happiest Place On Earth, there's something to discontent everyone.  Down and Out in…
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Coming of Age in Chicago

Growing up in Chicago seems to provide a lot of material for coming-of-age novels. These take place mostly in the 20th century and throughout the various neighborhoods. If you ever doubted that a particular place could have an effect on someone's growth, wonder no more. South Side Chicago in the Civil Rights period is the…
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