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A Novel Idea: Women Coming of Age in the Patriarchy

Women often don't fare well in patriarchal societies, yet somehow these societies continue. However, there is female rebellion, especially in the young realizing that they are about to become adults and responsible for propagating the culture. If you liked Gather the Daughters (see my review  here), then here are more books, but set in the recent […]

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Making a List: Historical Holiday Shopping

Long before Cyber Monday, folks who didn't live close enough to a city to visit shopping districts downtown would order their holiday gifts through the mail using paper catalogs. If they were ordering those presents between around 1870 and 1920, it's likely they were ordering from a Chicago company. In 1872, just after the Great Chicago Fire, A. Montgomery Ward's […]

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Weird Sisters and Others

Witchy women and feminine magic are favorite tropes in literature. They don't always get a fair shake, but in these books that could be filed under magical realism, they tend to come out on top in a (mostly male) world intent of keeping them down. Pull out your favorite throw blanket and curl up on […]

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