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Holiday in Space

My usual Christmas blog means pulling out some favorite crime or supernatural novels of the year (savory reads as opposed to sweet), but this year I decided to do a fantasy/scifi rewind. After seeing an English Beat concert recently, I remembered it can actually be fun to visit the ghosts of your past—especially if ska…
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Boxing Movies for Boxing Day

The day after Christmas, known as Boxing Day, does not refer to disappointed kids fueled by candy canes and sugar cookies wanting to slug it out! It was the day when many British service workers received their “Christmas Boxes” of gifts or gratuities and were allowed the day off to visit friends and family. But the…
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Get Slimed! Books for Kids

Do you love slime? Or maybe slime grosses you out? Whatever the case may be, prepare to get slimed by these cool books. Yes, it's really true! We Came From Slime. Read all about it in this exploration of life before the dinosaurs arrived. Get the Scoop on Animal Snot, Spit & Slime! Who knew there could be so…
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