Teen Summer Challenge: Create!

Source: nsalt, Flickr
Source: nsalt, Flickr

Hey guys! After reading, discovering and exploring what peaks your curiosity this summer as part of Rahm’s Reader’s Teen Summer Challenge, Make Your Imprint, why not start creating some pieces to showcase what you’ve learned and share your newfound knowledge with other teens, or perhaps make a difference in animals' lives? Here are some ideas to get you started, but remember to post them on our CPL Teen Volume Tumblr or share them electronically with your local librarian so he/she can post them on your behalf!

  • Write about the things that you experienced and found interesting. Think about a special animal that put a smile on your face, or made you laugh. Google that animal and get to know more about it. Who knows, you might discover something pretty cool. Like this one little guy over at Lincoln Park Zoo - The Moholi Bushbaby
  • If you’re into poetry, that’s awesome. Write a poem about an animal you picture yourself to be or write a poem about an animal that you love, anything that inspires you. If you’re not comfortable with rhyme no worries! As long as you write from your heart you’ll be surprised at the results.
  • If the stage is your thing then share your creative talent with other teens like yourself. They might get inspired to do a performance of their own. You can perform a song, rap, poem, or tell a story.
  • Create a masterpiece! If you’re an aspiring artist this will be great practice for you. Create an art piece of your favorite animal. You can use any type of medium – pen, ink, color pencils, brush, collage, the list goes on!
  • Plan a campaign to save an animal you admire that is endangered. If you dig putting stuff on your wall, then create a poster and make copies for all your friends using free online software like Pixlr, or state-of-the-art software free to you at YOUmedia sites across the city.
  • Write a field guide for a certain type of bird you like. Get creative with it. If you want to take your own pictures, great. If you want to draw your own pictures, even better. Share your interests with other teens and maybe they’ll take up an interest in bird watching.
  • Do you thrive in front of an audience? Then plan and make a Prezi or PowerPoint slide presentation. Volunteer to show it at your local library or school, but be sure to practice at home first. If you’d rather do something online, consider creating a video that might go viral. Think about creating a digital presentation you can share with your friends about the awesome facts you’ve discovered from a recent visit to the zoo, your favorite animal exhibit, a dance performance etc.
  • Are you an aspiring reporter? Why not create a podcast/news report/interview with a famous birdwatcher, a known zoologist, or animal expert. People will tune in to see what they’ve got to say and you’ll have a chance to show off those interview skills.
  • Are you into creative writing? Why not write an imaginary dialog between city animals about people. I bet you can already picture how hilarious it’ll be! What would these funny characters look or act like and say about humans? Be imaginative and write a short portrait to share with us.
  • Do you like comics or do political cartoons catch your eye? Gather cartoons from several sources, analyze their ideas and create your own.
  • Think outside of the box: Create a travel brochure for another planet and the creatures that exist there.
  • Read about people who have lived with wild animals or tamed them. What similarities or differences did they see between the two?
  • Are you an avid reader? Read about animals in fiction. Describe their physical appearance, behavior, likes and dislikes, wishes, and the problems they needed to solve in the story.
  • Want to make an animals’ wish come true? Write a story between you and a particular animal you like – making it about a wish they want granted from you.
  • Are you into Anthropomorphism? A good example of that is the rabbit in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Take some time to write a story about an animal with real human characteristics!
  • Read 10 poems about animals and write one about an animal that interests you.
  • Make a meme or gif!
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