Celebrate Presidents Day

Presidents Day is this Monday, February 17; the day honors all American presidents from George Washington to Barack Obama. Whether you are in school or not, you can celebrate this national holiday in many different ways. Take a virtual tour of the White House. Test your knowledge of presidential pets. Explore little know facts about the…
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Ciphers, Codes and Courage

Calling all amateur cryptographers and junior codebreakers, I have an urgent message for you: - - If you're the sort of kid, or kid at heart, who pulled out a pen and paper to crack that alphanumeric code, then I have a whole list of goodies to keep you and your friends busy…
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Common Core Decoded

School is in session and Common Core is the classroom buzzword - but what does it mean for you and your child? The Big Picture Common Core is short for Common Core State Standards, a series of benchmarks developed to ensure that all students are meeting state standards in English/Language Arts and Mathematics. English/Language Arts…
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