Get Ready for C2E2!

It's that time of year again! C2E2, a clever word play of the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, will be in full swing beginning April 6th at the McCormick Place. It's a pop culture convention catering to fans of comic books, anime, cosplay, TV and movies. At C2E2, you can meet your favorite writers and artists…
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It’s A Woman’s World

Ever wondered what life would be like if the world were ruled by women? I have. I've imagined less sexual violence, more peace among nations, less income inequality, less gender superiority and the unquestioned right of a woman to choose. Although some aspects of society are not the best, they are certainly not progressing toward…
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Self-Driving Cars: 5 Articles

When I think of artificial intelligence, I usually think of movies like I, Robot or The Terminator (scary, right). Most recently though, I’ve come to think about artificial intelligence in terms of its contributions to humanity in the form of self-driving cars. Given what we’ve been conditioned into believing about the implications of making computers…
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