Self-Driving Cars: 5 Articles

When I think of artificial intelligence, I usually think of movies like I, Robot or The Terminator (scary, right). Most recently though, I’ve come to think about artificial intelligence in terms of its contributions to humanity in the form of self-driving cars. Given what we’ve been conditioned into believing about the implications of making computers […]

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5 Teen Christmas-Themed Reads

Christmastime is the best time of the year. Coming together with family, enjoying the feeling of giving (and receiving) and spending time with those you love the most is a most awesome experience. Suffice it to say, Christmastime is also a great time for romancing it up with our book boyfriends.  What better way to […]

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Crowdfunding Your Small Business

Funding your small business is perhaps the most important aspect of owning and running a business. While some have access to capital through their own personal wealth, family and friends or access to credit, others sometimes need to think outside the box. One increasingly popular and non-traditional way to raise funds is through crowdfunding. If […]

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Absolutely Fireproof: The Iroquois Theater Fire of 1903

  Nearly 114 years ago, Chicago experienced the worst theater fire in U.S. history. The burning of the Iroquois Theater claimed the lives of over 600 patrons, a tragic number that even exceeds the estimated 250 lives lost in the Chicago Fire of 1871. Beautiful, lavishly designed and deemed “absolutely fireproof”, the ill-fated Iroquois Theater […]

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7 Winter-Themed Teen Reads

It’s winter and baby it's cold outside! It's that time of year when the cold can be teeth-chattering, snow is in the forecast and staying warm is on the top of everyone’s to do list. What better way to keep warm than by staying indoors and curling up with a good book while sipping on […]

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Justice League for Comic Newbies

Excitement and anticipation for the new Justice League film is surely circling right about now. The epic film, released November 17, 2017, likely evokes interest and enthusiasm for lovers of the comic book movie genre, and for others who aren’t familiar with the storylines, a standing curiosity.  The Justice League is a superhero team in […]

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Apocalypse How?

Have you ever wondered what kind of survival skills would be needed to survive an apocalypse? Chances are that with the popularity of TV shows such as The Walking Dead or The Last Man on Earth, you’ve likely given it some thought. While the likelihood of a zombie apocalypse or some Mad Max version of […]

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