Get Slimed! Books for Kids

Do you love slime? Or maybe slime grosses you out? Whatever the case may be, prepare to get slimed by these cool books. Yes, it's really true! We Came From Slime. Read all about it in this exploration of life before the dinosaurs arrived. Get the Scoop on Animal Snot, Spit & Slime! Who knew there could be so […]

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Embracing LGBTQ Pride for Kids

There is such a great variety of diverse books embracing LGBTQ kids and families these days. Celebrate Pride Month by picking up one of these wonderful books for anyone! Experience going to a pride parade in This Day in June. The detailed and colorful illustrations, along with its simple text, are perfect for young readers. Older readers wanting to […]

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Peeking into Van Gogh’s Bedroom

Psst, have you heard that you can peek inside Vincent Van Gogh's bedroom at the Art Institute of Chicago? Visit the exhibit to get a glimpse into the history behind this simple cozy room in the only house that Vincent ever thought of as home. Learn even more about this Post-Impressionist artist before, or after, your museum visit with these […]

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Haunted Reads for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner. It's my favorite thing about autumn — what's not to like? Pumpkins, candy, costumes, trick-or-treating, haunted houses and corn mazes. If you like getting spooked, these books may just do the trick (or treat)! Go back in time with Virgil Dante, a ghostorian, in Haunted Histories and learn about famous ghosts, […]

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Fall into Autumn

I love the change of seasons, especially autumn. There is nothing like running through fallen leaves and hearing them crunch under your feet. Have you ever wondered why leaves change color in the fall or what to do with all the apples that are available during this season? Try these books to find all your […]

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Crafty Kids Found Here!

The weather is getting warmer, the kids are getting restless, and you still can't spend the whole day outside! Try these fun indoor activities to keep the family busy, get creative and messy, and fend off the winter blues. The Big Book of Things to Make has 100 projects to choose from. Divided into three categories (Make […]

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Once Upon a Christmas

There is no time like the holidays to cuddle up with classic Christmas stories. I still remember when I first saw A Christmas Carol as a young girl. Seeing Goodman Theatre's A Christmas Carol this month gave me the same thrill. Wanting to continue that magic, I was inspired to re-read this classic Dickens tale. Though there […]

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Dreaming of Flying

November is a great time to learn more about aviation, from the hot air balloon to the invention of the airplane by the Wright brothers as we celebrate National Aviation Month. Since the first time man was able to successfully fly on December 17, 1903, the way the world lives has changed – from the […]

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