When Sweet Is Not Enough

As Annabel Lyon’s The Sweet Girl depicts, a respectable woman’s life in ancient Greece was very circumscribed. She had to be veiled and her name was not to be mentioned in public even if she was the daughter of Aristotle, the great philosopher and scientist. Pythias, or Pytho, as her family calls her, still leads an…
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A Coyote Among Men

If you are into urban fantasy and you haven't picked up the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs, you're missing a treat.  Mercy is a werecoyote, or a "walker" as she would have it, one of the last of her kind. She grew up with werewolves, and doesn't have the fear of them that perhaps prudence…
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Between God and Rome

When I read The Dovekeepers by Alice Hoffman a few months ago, I felt like I had to tell everyone about it.  Taking place in Israel during the first century C.E., it tells the story of the siege of Masada through the eyes of its women. Half the battle is just to get to this fortess…
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