Top Picks: Bruce Springsteen

"I didn't know music could be like that," says the 16-year-old hero of Blinded by the Light, a recent movie about the impact of Bruce Springsteen's music on a British-Pakistani teenager. As I sat in a darkened movie theater, I resisted the urge to shout "Yes!" in agreement—so closely did I identify with the character…
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Black Poetry Day: Celebrate Black Poets in Chicago and Beyond

On October 17, we celebrate Black Poetry Day! Initially celebrated in 1970 at New York Public Library’s Huntington Library Branch on Long Island, Black Poetry Day awards us a chance to celebrate and recognize African American poets, old and new. The inspiration for Black Poetry Day was the birth anniversary of Jupiter Hammon, long-considered to…
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Fun and Fabulous

Since Gay Liberation took off, it is fashionable to write Very Serious Books about the gay experience. That said, most queer men are possessed of a sense of humor, particularly about the hard-partying subset of the culture. Below are some novels, some frothier than others, about being young and dumb and full of fun.  Tommy's…
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