Noir in Space

Science fiction is a big genre, with room for just about everyone. Today, I'd like to focus on modern noir set in orbit, whether around Earth or someplace else. The title of Anthony O'Neill's The Dark Side refers to Earth's moon, where lies the territory of Purgatory and its capital, Sin. Damien Justus is the new police sergeant there…
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Amor: Discover Latin American Romance

I once thought the term "romance language” meant language about romance and love, not realizing that it refers to languages of the Roman Empire descended from Latin. I think my misunderstanding stemmed from the fact that so many of my favorite Spanish-language authors write about love. I started studying Spanish in middle school and enjoyed practicing by reading bilingual…
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Surrealists and Selfies

If you're in downtown Chicago, you should visit Cloud Gate, nicknamed "The Bean." It's a sculpture in Millennium Park by Indian-born British artist Anish Kapoor. Its shiny surface reflects and distorts the city's skyline, making it a popular attraction. Walk around and under it, and see how your body becomes warped and distorted against the background of the sky. Get creative…
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