Best Celebrity Breakup Songs

Reigning queen of celebrity breakup songs, Taylor Swift, just announced that her new album, 1989, will be released October 27. Of all her confessional tunes, "Dear John" is my favorite. She really stuck it to John Mayer on this track from 2010's Speak Now. Well...allegedly the song was about him. Ahem. "Don't you think I was too young to be […]

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Moments That Change Everything

There are moments in life when your whole world changes. I remember getting a fat envelope that told me I got into college. When I opened it, I had to make a choice that would change my life—to go or not to go? But some life-changing moments are not as happy. In If I Stay, the life-changing […]

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Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries

We know life isn't always a bowl of cherries, despite how much we'd like it to be, unless of course you happen to be visiting Door County, Wisconsin. Aside from abundant cherry farms and roadside stands where you can pick up pints of fresh cherries, jams, cherry pie and even cheese with chunks of cherries in it, Door […]

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Happy Birthday, Preston Sturges

Next week marks what would have been the 116th birthday of the director, playwright and screenwriter Preston Sturges (August 29, 1898-August 6, 1959). Born in Chicago as Edmund Preston Biden, Sturges began a life in the theater at a young age when he traveled with his eccentric actress mother to Europe to work with Isadora Duncan. Later, as […]

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Prepping for Kindergarten

It's Get Ready for Kindergarten Month! Are you ready for the first day of kindergarten? In my house we are getting ready for a full day of kindergarten. I expected a smooth transition for my son since he's going to kindergarten at the same school he attended preschool for two years. But that is definitely not the case. Besides […]

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That Guy Knows Everything

Did you ever wonder what it's like to know everything? Or at least to know enough to fake it? There are a few books out there which give you a glimpse of the world of ultimate knowledge. In The Grand Design, Stephen Hawking has apparently grown so smart he can claim on the first page […]

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Technology that changed Chicago: Calling 911. 1860-1877

Previous: 1835-1860 Work began on a fire telegraph system in the early 1860s. Initially the system just connected the fire and police stations to each other. 1864 saw emergency communications take a leap into the modern era. The Fire Telegraph System began with 116 locked boxes. Each firefighter, police officer and certain responsible citizens had […]

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