Explore Claudette Colvin at West Chicago Avenue Branch

In celebration of Women's History Month, children at the West Chicago Avenue Branch will explore who Claudette Colvin is and what role she played in the civil rights movement. Join us for this event at 1 p.m. Saturday, March 22. Participants will take a quiz about Claudette's life, and the winner will receive a women's […]

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Strong And Spunky Pint-Size Heroines

Women's history month is about honoring strong and independent women, whether they are famous or everyday heroines. You can also celebrate strong and independent girls! Here are a few fictional pint-size tough and spunky females you might want to get to know. Ella Sarah Gets Dressed: Ella Sarah really, really wants to wear “my pink polka-dot pants, my […]

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The History of Women

In celebration of Women's History Month here are some books about awesome women contributing to our world throughout the years. Gail Collins, most likely known as a New York Times op-ed columinst, wrote America's Women: 400 Years of Dolls, Drudges, Helpmates, and Heroines. It covers four centuries' worth of women's lives. The chapters pair women's roles […]

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Women of the White City

Chicago Sunday Tribune cover

March is a big month for women in Chicago, as the city celebrates its 177th birthday and the nation celebrates Women’s History Month. Although there has been only one female mayor in our city's history, here are some stories of other influential Chicago women. Seeing with Their Hearts tells the fascinating tale of the relief efforts […]

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Women and Work: Having It All Post-Lean In

Woman holding hammer and saw

Can women have it all? Work and family? Professional fulfillment and domestic bliss? It's an age-old question, but now new contributors are adding to the conversation. Here are some titles to broaden your horizons this Women's History Month. There is, of course, Lean in, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg's bestseller about women realizing their true potential through self-confidence and dreaming big. […]

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Women in Photos: The Lean In Collection

Woman working on factory machinery

Have you all seen the buzz surrounding the new collaboration between Getty Images and Sheryl Sandberg’s organization LeanIn.org? Sandberg is the author of last year’s bestseller Lean In as well as Facebook’s COO. The goal of this new Lean In Collection is to provide, “a library of images devoted to the powerful depiction of women, girls […]

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Extraordinary Biographies for Extraordinary Girls

J. Howard Miller

March is Women's History Month, but these compelling picture book biographies will make you want to celebrate women year round! Brave Girl: Clara Lemlich may have been tiny, but she was one brave girl! Discover how this brave five-foot tall factory worker from the Ukraine organized one of the most influential labor strikes in American history. Illustrated by […]

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Women Who Solo…Travel.

Wanderlust Angie, Flickr Commons

"On my 10th birthday a bicycle and an atlas coincided as gifts, and a few days later I decided to cycle to India...However, I was a cunning child so I kept my ambition to myself, thus avoiding the tolerant amusement it would have provoked among my elders." —Dervla Murphy Long before Elizabeth Gilbert ate, prayed […]

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Female Hysteria

women in old-fashioned bathing suits splash in the surf

Call us whatever you like: females, women, girls, ladies, babes. I'm sorry if any of these terms offend you. I'm not trying to make you girls angry. All I really want to do is share the names of some really funny chicks and the books they've written. By funny, I don’t mean that they are […]

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Local Women in the Arts: Exhibits at CPL

Inara Cedrins
Linoleum Block Print

Check out these Women's History Month art exhibits at CPL locations across the city. Hidden and yet Bidden: Masks and Portraiture by Lea Atiq Lincoln Belmont Branch 1659 W. Melrose Street, 60657 March 1-31 Inara Cedrins: Paintings on Hand-made Paper North Pulaski Branch 4300 W. North Avenue, 60639 March 1-31 Poetic Prints: Linoleum Block Prints […]

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