Spoken Word Inspiration

Source: Nalleli Sierra, Chicago Public Library

If you dream about going onstage and becoming a slam poet, check out this list of recommendations to help you develop your skills as a performance artist. Take the Mic contains everything you need to know about writing, performing and building a career as a slam poet. Get inspired by reading and listening to the poetry of many […]

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Teen Chicago Travel Guide: Featuring Weronika

Source: Weronika P.

This summer we spotlight teen voices in our Teen Chicago Travel Guide. Weronika P. visited the Chicago Zoological Society's Brookfield Zoo and checked out the Great Bear Wilderness. Weronika's Story: During the weekend I went to Brookfield Zoo with my family. Something that really caught my attention was the grizzly bears in the water. They looked […]

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Boulevards and Byways: YA Road Trips

Source: xandert, morgueFile

Dreaming of an epic getaway? Check out these road trip stories and soon enough, you'll be speeding down the open highway with the sun on your face and the wind in your hair. In The Museum of Intangible Things, Hannah and Zoe have never had much except for each other. So when Zoe decides she needs to get out of […]

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Chicago Air and Water Show

Source: r4n, Flickr - resized

There's something about the Chicago Air and Water Show that is both thrilling and terrifying all at once: the skies roar, our ears pop and our stomachs lurch as pilots undertake death-defying stunts overhead. If you're the daring sort and you enjoy a thrill, then you should head to North Avenue Beach August 20 - 21 between […]

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Benjamin Banneker: Changing the World One Star at a Time

featured image

Recently I learned more about Benjamin Banneker, born in 1731, and considered to be one of the first black men of science. While he spent most of his time helping at his family tobacco farm, Benjamin was always reading and learning as a favorite pastime. In fact, when someone traveling by the family farm and […]

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School’s in Session: Teen Fiction

Source: Innovadn, Flickr

Here's your fall schedule featuring books in which teens experience extraordinary situations on the first day of school. Subject: Freshman Orientation Infinite in Between follows five friends who meet on the first day of high school and face unexpected twists and turns over the next four years. Infinite In Between is available in other formats. Subject: Ethics Another group of classmates […]

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Teen Chicago Travel Guide: Featuring Kimvalyn

Chinatown Square Zodiac Statue
Source: Kimvalyn M.

This summer we spotlight teen voices in our Teen Chicago Travel Guide. Kimvalyn M. went on a Get Lost field trip with YOUmedia to Bridgeport and Chinatown. Kimvalyn's Story: The place I went to was Chinatown on a field trip with the Chicago Public Library. This place really caught my eye because I learned what […]

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Teen Chicago Travel Guide: Featuring Cindy

Source: Cindy M.

This summer we spotlight teen voices in our Teen Chicago Travel Guide. Cindy M. visited the Lincoln Park Zoo and checked out the bird exhibits. Cindy's Story: I went to the Lincoln Park Zoo and the Birds of Prey exhibit caught my eye. You can go inside and be in a room with the birds. The birds […]

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In Search of Spanish Poets

Source: Flickr, Abdulsalam Haykal

Many Spanish-language writers are known for their unforgettable poetry, such as the nocturnal and dreamlike worlds of Federico Garcia Lorca, the warm and romantic memories of Pablo Neruda and the powerful and emotional spirit of Gabriela Mistral. Poets invite us to places filled with loss, sorrow, passion and life. If you're an aspiring poet, you might want to take a […]

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Train Journeys

Source: ranbud, morgueFile

In Chicago, we're used to the train rattling and roaring through our neighborhoods and downtown. Between the Pink, Blue, Brown, Red, Green, Orange, Metra and South Shore commuter trains, we can travel all over the city and its suburbs. But did you know that Chicago is also considered a national railway center? In addition to the […]

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