Make Your Own Zine For International Zine Month

collage zine

Zines are no new thing. Chicago has its own Chicago Zine Fest, The Chicago Alternative Comics Expo, CAKE, highlights comics and zines, and we even have workshops this summer focusing on zines. Since July is International Zine Month, why not learn how to make your own! For anyone interested in an introduction to the history and making of zines, Whatcha Mean, […]

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(PRO)jectUs Opportunity for Teen Photographers, Bloggers and Artists


Calling teen photographers, bloggers and artists! YOUmedia has partnered up with Donda's House Inc. and Commonwealth Foundation to bring you (PRO)jectUs, a summer of creative professional opportunities to pursue your passions. Workshops are held Tuesday and Thursday mornings at HWLC YOUmedia through August. All those interested should apply today. Participants will build a professional new media portfolio and earn […]

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1st Saturdays: Environmental Science for Teens

1st Saturdays July

High school teens, ages 14 to 18, come explore the career of your dreams at this month's 1st Saturdays: Careers in Focus on July 11 at HWLC YOUmedia. Our focus this month is environmental science, and you'll have the chance to take on challenges and explore the environment in a whole new way. Register today to network […]

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Impending Doom: Flood

Sunken ship beneath blue-green water

This post is the fourth in the series Impending Doom, nightmarish visions of the coming apocalypse. This is the way the world ends: crushing waves, rising tide and nobody is getting on any arks. Drowned cities beneath endless blue, their ruins slowly crumbling, washing away to sand and silt. Urban fantasy favorite Francesca Lia Block brings her magic to […]

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Our Stories, Our Lives: Teen Storytelling Opportunity


Do you have a story you love to tell? Tell it at HWLC YOUmedia! During the month of July, professional storytellers Scott Whitehair and David Fink will lead three workshops at HWLC YOUmedia to prepare teens for a storytelling performance to be held at The City Winery venue. No experience is necessary but space is limited to 10 […]

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Impending Doom: Earthquake

Broken rock with green algae

This post is the third in the series Impending Doom, nightmarish visions of the coming apocalypse. This is the way the world ends: everything turned upside down, buildings swallowed by the gaping maw of the earth as the ground shakes and shudders. There's no doubt earthquakes will have a role to play in the end times since they're already devastating cities […]

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Impending Doom: Robopocalypse

Toy robot with glaring red eyes

This post is the second in the series Impending Doom, nightmarish visions of the coming apocalypse. This is the way the world ends: cold intelligence and chrome bodies, the clanking march of untiring feet. There's a reason top scientists and engineers are worried: the robots are coming and they're going to be pretty mad that we've enslaved their computer brethren […]

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Eisner Award Nominees: Best Publication for Teens

Black-and-white comic strip panels with cartoon explosion and face

The 2015 Eisner Award nominees have been released, voting has closed and the winners of the "Oscars of comics" will be announced on July 10 at Comic-Con International. Check out the nominees in this year's Best Publication for Teens category and see if you can pick the winner! In The Dumbest Idea Ever!, things aren't looking good for golden boy Jimmy when he gets too […]

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Top Picks for High School Grads

graduate figurine on top of cake

You did it! Now what? The end of high school is an exciting time. It brings summer, sunshine and more time with friends, but maybe you don't know what's next. If that's how you're feeling, here are some top picks to ease your way into adulthood and come out strong. Roadmap: The Get-it-together Guide for Figuring Out What to […]

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Impending Doom: Drought

Cracked earth

This post is the first in the series Impending Doom, nightmarish visions of the coming apocalypse. This is the way the world ends: a parched wasteland of cracked earth without a drop of water in sight. How could we survive in a world where water is power and hydration is a problem? Find out in […]

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