CPL’s 2016 Teen Mock Book Awards

Mock Printz Books

Each year before the winners of American Library Association's Youth Media Awards are announced, CPL librarians come together to nominate and discuss our own Mock Book Awards to honor some of our favorite titles of the year. Here are the 2016 teen books we chose.   Mock Printz Award for literary excellence Winner: We Are the […]

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Fiction with Conviction: 2016’s Most Inspiring Teen Books


Does anyone else think 2016 was a crazy year? I personally experienced and saw quite a few up and down moments. Whether you thought the past year was totally great or a roller coaster of emotions, the beginning of January marks a time to turn the page and look ahead to new opportunities. It’s also time for many of […]

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Lyric Dystopias


I picked up The Weaver by Emmi Itaranta, and it reminded me of other dystopic books, like Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale. However, in these books, the protagonist generally has to realize that things were or could be different. All of these protagonists are young, and while written for adults, these books are good choices for anyone longing for […]

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Teen Shakespeare Retellings

Exit, Pursued by A Bear book cover

Did you know Shakespeare invented the romantic comedy? And about 1,700 words? If you want to get the gist of Shakespeare's stories without decoding the "wherefore arts," here are some teen retellings of Shakespeare's plays that will have you rolling or shaking in your seats. Exit, Pursued by A Bear by E.K. Johnston is a mix of The Winter's Tale, […]

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Gone Girl Readalikes: Teen Edition

Source: NovemberRaindrop, Morguefile

Ever since Gone Girl rocked the literary world and the movie banked major box office bucks, readers have been dying for more suspenseful murder mysteries. Check out the latest teen Gone Girl readalikes. At an elite New York City prep school, con artist Kate manipulates fragile classmate Olivia as her new "friend" falls for charming sociopath Mark in Beware That Girl. Can Kate […]

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School’s in Session: Teen Fiction

Source: Innovadn, Flickr

Here's your fall schedule featuring books in which teens experience extraordinary situations on the first day of school. Subject: Freshman Orientation Infinite in Between follows five friends who meet on the first day of high school and face unexpected twists and turns over the next four years. Infinite In Between is available in other formats. Subject: Ethics Another group of classmates […]

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Surviving a Trip Through Time

Source: Eric K., Flickr

This summer we're focusing on travel.  Many teens have contributed entries to the Find Your Way Teen Chicago Travel Guide featuring interesting places to explore, imagine and challenge the status quo. But what about time travel? Would you know how to survive a trip through time? Check out these stories of teens slipping though the space time continuum. […]

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New Teen Series to Read Before the Sequel

Source: muvuca, morgueFile

Have more free time now that school's out for summer? Grab one of these action-packed novels and pull up your beach chair before the sequels hit the shelves. In The Wrath & the Dawn, Shahzrad marries the caliph with plans to avenge her cousin's death. The sequel to this thrilling retelling of Arabian Nights, The Rose and the […]

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Teen Pride 2016

Source: stampstars, Flickr

Summer is my favorite time of year. The restaurant patios come back, the lake is slightly less frigid and there's Pride Month, the best of all months! To celebrate, here are some teen books that feature protagonists who identify as LGBTQ. Malinda Lo's duet Adaptation and Inheritance is pure science fiction with a wonderfully queer twist. Reese and her […]

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Books and Beats Inspired by Beyoncé’s Lemonade: Magical YA Fiction

Source: hilarycl, morgueFile

This post is the second in the series Books and Beats Inspired by Beyoncé's Lemonade. If you still can't stop talking about Lemonade, you're not alone. Beyoncé's latest album is a pop music masterpiece, packed with star-studded cameos; eclectic samples of poetry, historic speeches and home videos; killer fashion and a distinct aesthetic. Love the way the style of Lemonade […]

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