Richard M. Daley Branch Family Day at Lincoln Park Zoo

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On Sunday, August 10, 2014 at the Richard M. Daley Branch, 10 Families met together for a special afternoon field trip to Lincoln Park Zoo.  The Lincoln Park Zoo and the Chicago Public Library invited all summer learners and their families to Lincoln Park Zoo to celebrate eight weeks of out-of-school learning at the library.  What could […]

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The Name the Tiger Contest Winner Is…

painting of tiger by child

We received over 725 contest entries, and our tiger now has a name! Thanks to Arianna, 5, from the North Pulaski Branch, our tiger will be known as Little Rory! Little Rory was a tiger who couldn’t roar until Bear encouraged him to practice roaring every day. “Little Rory practiced roaring each and every day and […]

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West Town Branch Visits East Village Association Block Party

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West Town Branch librarians Stephanie and Caleb recently spent a fun afternoon hanging out with neighbors, playing games with kids, and enjoying some delicious food at the East Village Association's annual block party.   Many thanks to our wonderful neighbors for inviting us!

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Write? Right!

A cat lies on a notebook near a pencil

Just as babies babble before they can speak, young children can scribble and draw before they can write. Scribbling, drawing and writing are all important skills that will help children understand the connection between spoken and written letters and words when it's time for them to start learning to read. Try these books as a way […]

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Everybody Plays

Dog with tug toy

Rahm’s Readers Summer Learning Challenge Brain Builder Animals have a natural need to explore and be active. People who care for animals want to keep animals interested in their environment by helping them practice behaviors specific to their species. This is called enrichment. Zookeepers might hang a piñata filled with food in a tree so the animal […]

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Play Like an Animal!

children at a playground

Humans, like all other species in the animal kingdom, need a nice environment to play and be active. What kinds of things "enrich" the way you spend time while at home or at play? Focus Questions What kinds of things do you do at home just for fun? What helps you have a good time […]

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A Little Play Goes a Long Way!

A dog in a pool with a tennis ball in its mouth

To kids, play equals fun! For adults, play is an important part of a child's development, including important skills that will help when it's time for children to begin reading on their own. Books are a great way to encourage kids to play. Try some of these books with your kids and use them to participate […]

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Conservation and You

sprouting plant

Rahm’s Readers Summer Learning Challenge Brain Builder Conservation involves taking an active role in caring for our natural resources, such as soil, water, air and plants. Zoos are important leaders in conservation efforts that help make sure living things are healthy and protected. You can be a conservation leader right here in Chicago. Planting native […]

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Why Are Large Predators Rare?

Amur Leopard

Large animals at the top of the food chain, like lions and tigers, have few, if any, predators. These big animals are not common in the wild today and many of them are in danger of going extinct. If they are not being eaten in the wild, why are they endangered? Focus Questions Where do […]

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Read Together, Learn Together

stuffed mice reading

Reading with your child is a way to spend quality time together and a way to learn subjects your child is interested in. It's also great fun to read together! Reading aloud is something that can be done with children of any age—from infants up to teens—if they'll let you! Try these picture books celebrating both reading […]

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