Horror Films for the Jaded

Haunted house with tree in front

Every fall at the first whiff of mulled cider I get excited about the prospect of the season's new crop of horror movies. “Prepare to be scared!” states the promotional poster of one. “Simply terrifying!” intones the voiceover on the trailer of another. However, as horror film aficionados well know, it is the rare film that lives up […]

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Some Chilling Euro-Horror Movies

Barbara Steele in "Black Sunday" (Mask of Satan) 1960

   After World War II, the horror film genre was nearly dead.  Hollywood was producing comedic satires of movie monsters like “Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein” and dozens of nuclear-fused, giant bug and outer space films. Beginning in the late 1950s, British, Italian and French movie makers delved into fresh re-workings and re-imaginings of the gothic […]

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The Right Amount of Fright: Scary Books for Young Children

photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

  Young readers are often as fascinated by the macabre as older kids, and it can be a challenge to find scary books that aren't too unsettling. Here are some suggestions:   In A Dark, Dark Wood  leads readers from a spooky forest into a mysterious house, building suspense until a pop-up ghost surprises them […]

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Run, Resurrection Mary, Run

Photo by chicagogeek

If you're running the 5K in south suburban Justice on October 20 and you see a pretty blonde in a formal white dress jogging next to you, don't expect her to stick around for the whole race. I read recently that a local school named their 5K fundraiser after the urban legend Resurrection Mary.  Althought the famous […]

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