Tim Federle Q & A

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Head back stage for a behind the scenes glimpse into the mind of Tim Federle, CPL's Author of the Month for May. Federle shares is love of musical theater, talks about what inspires his writing and the surprises of being a new author. Where did you get your idea for this book? Five, Six, Seven, […]

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Author of the Month Tim Federle

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Will Nate Foster realize his dream of seeing his name in lights on Broadway? Find out in Five, Six, Seven, Nate! by Tim Federle, May’s Author of the Month. Small town teen Nate Foster is heading to New York to start rehearsals for E.T.: THE BROADWAY MUSICAL!, but with the production team fighting, ruthless understudies vying for […]

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Horror and Music at the Oscars

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When I sat down to enjoy Sweeney Todd again the weekend before the Oscars, I was under the impression that it had won in 2007 for Best Picture. I was wrong: that honor went to No Country for Old Men, another film with a high creep score. Of course, for pure spine tingling, it's hard to […]

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Without a Web

When is it time to pull the plug on a Broadway musical? Is it when the affable, competent, main producer dies just before signing the songwriters? No? Is it when the production is so short of money and credit that the remodeling of the theater stops? Not then? When the stage manager is throwing up […]

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