“Handmaid” Hits 30: Readalikes

Handmaid's Tale 2

Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale turns 30 this year, and as an avid fan of the book, I'd like to propose some readalikes. For those of you not familiar with Atwood's dystopian story, the United States has been taken over by Christian fundamentalists and (supposedly) biblical rule is the law. There's also a venereal disease going around that makes […]

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Get Ready For Mockingjay: Part 1

The Hunger Games Series of Books

With Mockingjay Part 1 still two months away, the Hunger Games fans among you might be getting a little antsy. You're seeing more and more trailers, posters, celebrity interviews and posts all over the Internet. If you’re obsessed with books set in a messed-up future, like The Hunger Games or Divergent, you should probably get your hands on […]

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Happy Birthday, Ray Bradbury!

Ray Bradbury is easily one of the most celebrated authors of the 21st century. I’m willing to say with very good reason. He is the creator of more than 600 works spanning 7 decades. His writing is timeless and every generation can find meaning and relevance no matter the milieu. Bradbury often said he wrote […]

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Dystopian Fiction – It’s for Kids Too!

holding hands

Our collective fascination with utopian/dystopian worlds began in 1516 with the publication of Utopia by Sir Thomas More where he describes his ideal society. Fast forward almost 500 years to 1993 and the publication of The Giver, the first dystopian novel published for children. A seemingly perfect society, with no war, no pain and no […]

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It’s Teen Literature Day!

I like celebrating teen literature every day because there is so much good stuff out there. Yet, in honor of the actual day, I wanted to share a couple titles that I recently enjoyed reading. Marie Lu's world in Legend can be compared to The Hunger Games or Divergent, but what I like about this dystopian novel are […]

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Just Keep Running! – “The Maze Runner” Trilogy


There are some really amazing series written for teens today that set teen characters against corrupt governments, post-apocalyptic societies and the harsh realities of being torn from family and friends to live lives that they believe are good. If you enjoy books with an exciting dark side, no matter how old you are, read on... One […]

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