Study Room Use Guidelines

  • No entrance fee may be charged, no collection may be taken and no purchase may be required by groups in study rooms.
  • Study rooms shall be left in good order.
  • The number occupying a study room may not exceed the posted capacity of the room as established by the City of Chicago Fire Department.
  • A reserved study room that is unoccupied will be considered to be abandoned and made available to others as needed.
  • Storage of items after use of the study room is not permitted.
  • Unattended personal items may be removed by security. The Library is not responsible for unattended and lost property.
  • Applicants may not tape or tack anything to walls or door.
  • Applicant has read and understands that he/she is responsible for ensuring that each member of his/her group is aware of and abides by these rules.
  • Use of the Library’s study room does not constitute Library endorsement of viewpoints expressed by program participants. Advertisements or announcements implying such endorsement are not permitted.
  • The Library Use Guidelines must be observed in all parts of the building including study rooms.