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Harold Washington Library Center

Report of the Board of Health of the City of Chicago : and a Sanitary History of Chicago from 1833-1870.

Posters on influenza, houseflies and smallpox

Nerdy and perhaps a bit morbid, but health statistics fascinate me. The Reports of the Board of Health of the City of Chicago document Chicago's fight against disease during the 19th century. Often disease won, but over the course of the century, steady progress occurred.BibWidget After the establishment of Fort Dearborn in 1804, many of […]

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Exploring Art at the Library

Source: Nalleli Sierra, Chicago Public Library

If you’re stopping by YOUmedia to hang out or simply returning books at the downtown Chicago Public Library, why not take a moment longer to relax and reflect? Put on some jazzy tunes to set the mood and explore all the wonderful artwork that hangs on the walls of Harold Washington Library. Witness the Events […]

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A Big Year for Birds

Source: r4n, Flickr - resized

Have you ever heard of Big Year birding competitions? The Cook County Forest Preserve is hosting one this year, so not only are Chicagoans outside counting birds this very minute, they'll be keeping an eye out for new species until the clock strikes midnight on December 31. Intrigued? Check out the following titles to find out more. Since I'm a big […]

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Tudor Queens

As Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her birthday last weekend, it might be fun to take a look at her female predecessors on the throne, especially the mightiest of them all: the Tudor queens. Alison Weir made her name writing biographies of English royals, including the excellent The Life of Elizabeth I. Her new fictional series, […]

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Suspenseful Debut Novels

tree and shed on farm

I love reading debut novels because they always hold the hope of discovering a new author or a new voice. The only problem in finding a good one, though, is having to wait for more! The following debut novels offer a double whammy with stories full of psychological suspense and the suspense of waiting for the next […]

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