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Scary Reads – for Me and the Middle School Crowd

Dragon shadow puppet in the forest

Calling all 'fraidy cats!  I know it's October, traditionally the time when people cuddle up under warm blankets to watch scary movies, read scary books and dress up in scary costumes. If you scare easily, like me, then you know it can also be an unnerving time. Just thinking about some of those gory movies […]

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The Good Thief’s Guide to Mysteries

Paris skyline

Chris Ewan is the author of a series of witty, deftly plotted mysteries all set in different cities, mostly in Europe. The reason his protagonist, the charming Brit Charlie Howard, keeps on the move is because in addition to being a minor novelist, he is primarily a cat burglar and knows better than to stay too […]

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What happened to Tyler Street?

Portrait of John Tyler

According to the Chicago Street Name Index, Chicago has honored many American presidents by naming streets after them.BibWidget In 1833, the original Town of Chicago included streets named after Washington, the first president, and Jefferson, the third. Over time these streets were joined by streets named after: Adams (2nd) Madison (4th) Monroe (5th) Quincy (named after […]

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Everyday Heroes

As children, our heroes were famous athletes, presidents and movie stars. We idolized them and expected great things from them, however, we were usually disappointed because the reality never measured up to the image we created in our minds. Several revered athletes have turned out to be not very nice people away from the playing field […]

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“It’s About This Nurse…” Favorite Stories Retold

R&J 3

It sometimes happens when I go to the theater, or the movies, or read a book, that I find the minor characters more interesting than the people the story is supposed to be about. This often means that I am paying more attention to the servants or the villain than the young lovers or other main characters, […]

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