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Sulzer Regional Library closed October 16 to November 5 for renovations.


Harold Washington Library Center

Teen Tales from Beyond the Grave

Source: jeepersmedia, Flickr

As Halloween approaches, sink your teeth into one of these teen tales of the undead from shambling zombies to stalking ghouls. In Afterlife With Archie, Jughead gets more than he bargained for when he asks Sabrina the Teenage Witch to revive his beloved dog, Hot Dog. As the idyllic town of Riverdale is overrun with the […]

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Top Picks: 8 Anne Tyler Books

cupcake with lit candle in it

Happy birthday, Anne Tyler! In honor of the acclaimed novelist's 75th birthday on October 25, I'm recommending top picks for seasoned fans or Anne Tyler newbies. Published in 1964, her first book, If Morning Ever Comes, began a long career of examining people's everyday lives through storied characters and the relationships they share.BibWidget Fans are most likely familiar with her […]

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#TBT: iPod Turns 15

Source: Matthew Pearce, Flickr

For this Throwback Thursday, we're celebrating the iPod, which was introduced 15 years ago on October 23, 2001. The device began a revolution in how we listen to and, ultimately, how we buy music. In fact, the iPod set the stage for how we use devices now. And it was the beginning of everyone having earbuds in their ears! I […]

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Chicago’s South Loop Before the Library

400 block of South State Street at Van Buren, circa 1910

It's hard work to keep State Street "that great street," as the lyrics to Frank Sinatra's "Chicago" go. Before Sinatra's 1956 hit song, Chicago's South Loop was dark at night, colorful by day, and its southern edges vexed the best intentions of developers, urban planners and local organizations. As the Harold Washington Library Center celebrates […]

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Save The Books!


It is said that those who burn books have no problem burning people, and that has certainly been true over the past century. Whether Hitler, Stalin, Mao, or Pol Pot, tyrants have tried to control people by controlling culture and the past. Fortunately, there are people like those documented in The Monuments Men (read my blog post on that here) […]

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