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Rudolph, the Most Famous Chicagoan of All

President Obama and Nancy Regan are very famous Chicagoans. However the most famous Chicagoan of all is a youth who overcame adversity to become an international leader. Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer's story was first told by Robert Lewis May in 1939. The Montgomery Ward Company commissioned May to do a children’s storybook. The book was […]

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A Family Festival of Lights!

Hanukkah menorah with eight candles lit

One of my favorite holiday traditions is sitting in front of a glowing menorah with friends and family during Hanukkah. We eat latkes until our stomachs are full of fried food. Then we play dreidel, betting chocolate in this simple top-spinning game and trying not to eat our winnings. These are all classic Hanukkah traditions, […]

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Neil Patrick Harris: The Life You Choose

test two

Neil Patrick Harris has never had a public meltdown, feuded with his family, nor gone to rehab (nor needed to). So what could he possibly do to spice up what on the surface would seem to be a dull autobiography? Well, there's the books he liked as a child, the Choose Your Own Adventure series. In […]

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History of Grant Park 1931 to 1970

Bandshell with crowd in front

By 1931, Chicago was deep in the Great Depression and the South Park Commissioners were unable to build on the scale of the 1920s. According to the Historical Register of the Twenty-two Superseded Park Districts a band shell was constructed at 9th and Columbus in the early 1930s, starting a long tradition of free concerts in […]

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