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Harold Washington Library Center

Another Opening, Another Show…

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Shakespeare-in-the-park season is almost over, and the regular theater season is about to pick back up again. Here are a few books to keep you occupied, whether you're waiting for that callback or for the curtain to rise. While one might enjoy Song of Spider-Man (read my blog about it here) for its train-wreck hilarity, it's nice to […]

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Spoken Word Inspiration

Source: Nalleli Sierra, Chicago Public Library

If you dream about going onstage and becoming a slam poet, check out this list of recommendations to help you develop your skills as a performance artist. Take the Mic contains everything you need to know about writing, performing and building a career as a slam poet.BibWidget Get inspired by reading and listening to the poetry of many […]

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Boulevards and Byways: YA Road Trips

Source: xandert, morgueFile

Dreaming of an epic getaway? Check out these road trip stories and soon enough, you'll be speeding down the open highway with the sun on your face and the wind in your hair. In The Museum of Intangible Things, Hannah and Zoe have never had much except for each other. So when Zoe decides she needs to get out of […]

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…So Close to the United States

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While Pancho Villa lamented Mexico's proximity to the United States in relation to its distance from the Almighty, those of us in El Norte can rejoice as we have these books, full of suspense and local color, to take us there vicariously. Lili Wright's Dancing With the Tiger could have been a huge mess. There are lots […]

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School Days

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School. We've all been there. If you live in Chicago, your school year is 180 days long. That's a lot of days! But if you do the math, that's only 49.3% of the days in the year. But don't worry—you can use your time outside of school to read some great stories about school. Here's […]

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