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Holy Women, Batman! Women Religious in Historical Fiction

Nuns At The Beach

Robyn Cadwallader is a new novelist, and The Anchoress is a delight. Sarah, a cloth merchant's daughter in 1255, is looking to escape the anguish of her sister's death and the predations of the local lord's son. This leads her to vows as anchoress, a holy woman contained in a nine-paces-by-five-paces cell, never to emerge. As […]

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Astor Street: Chicago’s Best Address


Buildings on Astor Street own Chicago’s best addresses. This is true even though currently there is a two-bedroom condo for sale for only $315,000. Single-family townhouses will set you back $3 million to $6 million or more. And it is definitely a street that would not shame a billionaire. Astor Street is less than a half mile long […]

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We Sing the Body Electric: Ray Bradbury’s Birth Anniversary

Stack of Ray Bradbury's books

This year marks the 95th anniversary of Ray Bradbury's birth. While Bradbury grew up in Waukegan, his stories and novels took us far beyond his normal, Midwestern upbringing. As Ray Bradbury's biographer, Sam Weller was able to learn much about the author's life, as well as the inspiration for his books. This unprecedented access to Bradbury's life makes […]

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Travel to Novel Places: Colonial Kenya

Rift Valley 4

Paula McLain, author of The Paris Wife, has a new novel: Circling the Sun.  It focuses on the early life of Beryl Markham, a horse trainer and one of the first female commercial pilots. Coming to what would become Kenya at a young age and abandoned by her mother, Beryl grows up wild on her father's […]

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#TBT: The World Wide Web Goes Live!

Robert Cailliau and the neXT server at CERN

In early August 1991, the first webpage was served up from a neXT computer in a lab at the European Organization for Nuclear Research - CERN, and computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee's World Wide Web project had begun. A lot has changed since then, so for this Throwback Thursday, read more about the birth of the Internet […]

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