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Woodson Regional Library is closed for construction. Avalon, Beverly and West Pullman are open additional hours during the closure.


Harold Washington Library Center

Feminist Voices You Should Know

Feminist Voices

We've read many great memoirs, collections of essays and cultural analyses by female authors in recent years. Here are some feminist voices that kept the conversation going this year. Shrill is an incisive and honest memoir tracing Lindy West's shy childhood through her life as a journalist. West examines internet culture and body image through a feminist lens. Her absorbing essays […]

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Uppity Women, Unite!


Feeling stunted by your job? Underpaid and overworked? Ever want to tell your boss what you really think? These books are for you. While women tend to be the protagonists (pink-collar jobs, anyone?), these are good reads, especially if you think you have too much education and experience to put up with what you put up […]

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