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Harold Washington Library Center

Teen Titles Celebrating Asian American Heritage

lotus flower

Diverse titles can be hard to find, so to celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, I recommend the following stories, covering everything from being torn between two worlds to solving family mysteries and more. Born Confused shows what it feels like to be lost between two worlds. Dimple resists the traditional path of her parents for most […]

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Marshall Field and the Gilded Age

MF Dome

Renee Rosen has written an interesting biographical novel: What the Lady Wants. Through the eyes of socialite Delia Caton, Marshall Field and his social set come alive. Though twenty years separate their ages, Delia and Marshall turn to each other for relief from their unhappy marriages and scandalize Chicago society. But as much as this is […]

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Chicago Classics: The Oz Books

Long before Lemony Snicket, Captain Underpants, Dr. Seuss, Henry Huggins, Ramona or Pippi Longstocking, there was Oz. Scraps, The Patchwork Girl of Oz, became a movie star before Raggedy Ann was even a twinkle in her parents’ eyes.BibWidget In 1900, L. Frank Baum, while living on Chicago’s Humboldt Boulevard, published the The Wonderful Wizard of […]

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Books About Elephants To Never Forget

Elephants 1

Elephants have held a special fascination for humans for millenia. Worshipped as gods, feted as performers, trained as workers, they have a special relationship with people. These three books deal with that relationship in its myriad forms. The Tusk That Did the Damage by Tania James is a luminescent book. The story shifts between three perspectives. Emma is a […]

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Talk Like Shakespeare Day, April 23rd

William Shakespeare April 23 1564-April 23 1616 To honor the birth of this genius we have all agreed to talk like the Bard, or failing that, butcher his poetry for the sake of a few laughs. Talk Like Shakespeare Day HQ Chicago Shakespeare Theatre supplies you with DIY Elizabethan ruff and Shakespeare mask projects.  If you don't […]

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