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Harold Washington Library Center

Hit a Home Run with Chicago Open Archives

Cast of Bleacher Bums, 1989

It’s almost October. The leaves are starting to turn, temperatures are dipping and Chicago has a baseball team headed to the playoffs. In 1977, a different Chicago team, the Organic Theater Company, was looking for a new play. Ensemble member Joe Mantegna had been attending his fair share of Cubs games and pitched the idea […]

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It’s Here! 5 Articles About Hamilton: An American Musical

Source: Travis Wise, Flickr

The revolutionary, successful and highly acclaimed Hamilton: An American Musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda starts in Chicago this week, and sadly, I don’t have tickets. I’ve heard about the show for well over a year and have listened to the soundtrack so many times. (It's even available instantly via hoopla.) Since then, I've been in awe of its brilliance, so […]

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What’s Your Street Style?

Source: NamuLim, Flickr

Street style is fashion that people wear in everyday urban life. You don't need money or designer labels to participate, and it stresses individuality over conformity. Paris Street Style showcases women who specialize in "the cultivation of effortless chic." Although inventiveness is encouraged, there are certain rules like not wearing Converse after age 26 or hair […]

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We Come In Peace: Benevolent Aliens


While aliens have often been a good excuse for books and movies in which to blow stuff up, occasionally they are actually friendly and trying to look out for us. The results are often amusing. These are three books about extraterrestrials and the hilarity that ensues with first contact. Ralph loves Andy Warhol and American pop culture. […]

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Autumn in New York: 3 Recent Stories of the Gilded Age

Coney Island

It's time to celebrate Autumn, and what better way to do it than with books about New York? Of course, with so many books about that place, one has to winnow it down somehow. I've decided to highlight some new titles about Old New York in the Gilded Age. Graham Moore has written a legal thriller, The […]

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