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Chicago’s La Salle Street

Narrow Street

People in the financial industries often refer to New York as Wall Street, London as the City and Tokyo as Kabuto-cho, all microscopic portions of large cities. Chicago is known as La Salle Street. For the financial world, La Salle Street is a narrow urban canyon stretching the three blocks from Madison to Jackson Street. […]

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Chicago’s Historic Streets

Bus with bright red light on nose

Chicago in 4D and I are starting a series of posts highlighting Chicago's historic and interesting streets. My previous posts about streets include: Technology that Changed Chicago: Artesian Wells (Artesian Avenue) What happened to Tyler Street?  (and other streets named after presidents) Technology that Changed Chicago: Alleys Technology that Changed Chicago: Subdivisions (how streets are laid […]

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The Power of Friends

Source: amandavenner, Flickr

Friends see you through everything, the crushes, the family problems, the school drama, but finding one to trust doesn't just happen. It takes time. In The Scar Boys, Harry Jones is disfigured from a childhood accident, so making friends is often a challenge for him. But what eventually helps him out is music and starting a band. Each chapter […]

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Women’s History Through Novels: Michelle Moran


Michelle Moran writes riveting novels about history from a woman's point of view. These novels are both extensively researched and richly imagined, leading to deeply atmospheric tales. The physical description is also a treat. While there is no question that Moran's heroines operate in a man's world, they more than measure up to those who would destroy […]

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Cinderella for All!

glass pumpkins

Everyone may know the French version of Cinderella, featuring the fairy godmother and glass slipper, the best, but more often these tales emphasize a different aspect of the story. Some focus on Cinderella's kindness to animals and to her stepsisters, others on Cinderella's incredible ability to survive. Some are perfect for the youngest readers and […]

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