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Coming of Age in Recent Fiction

swimmer 1

Danny Kelly has one dream: to win Olympic gold in swimming. Everything he and his family do is towards that goal. He endures the taunts of his teammates at his snobby prep school where he is a scholarship student because he knows he is the strongest, the fastest, the best. However, when Danny's dream is taken from […]

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Technology that Changed Chicago: Air Rights

Aerial photo

Some of Chicago’s most famous buildings exist because of air rights. Examples are the Merchandise Mart, the Prudential Building and the old Main Post Office. The basic concept is that a property owner, for example a railroad, retains the right to use the ground, but sells or leases the right to use the air above […]

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Deadly: Teen Killers in Fiction

chalk outline of body

I find it hard to resist an exploration of the dark side of crime. And it's not just me!  Judging by the number of murder mysteries and true-crime books available, this is not a new phenomenon. It's natural to want to understand the ugly side of human nature. In this case, I'm talking about murder. […]

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Autumn Horrors: Some Truly Scary Films

the exorcism of ...
Photo by Aphrodite

With the advent of Autumn and the Halloween weekend looming, many of us crave the feelings of being disturbed and scared by good horror films. With today's CGI technology and state-of-the-art film processing, the horror film genre maintains its hold on us with realistic and fantastic images. Of course, the crucial elements needed to keep that […]

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Scary Reads – for Me and the Middle School Crowd

Dragon shadow puppet in the forest

Calling all 'fraidy cats!  I know it's October, traditionally the time when people cuddle up under warm blankets to watch scary movies, read scary books and dress up in scary costumes. If you scare easily, like me, then you know it can also be an unnerving time. Just thinking about some of those gory movies […]

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