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Moran More

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Caitlin Moran made a splash two years ago with her book of essays, How to Be A Woman. While better known in England than here in the States, her body of work so far will hopefully rectify that. How to Be a Woman goes roughly in chronological order, from Moran's burgeoning adolescence in Wolverhampton to contemplating her mortality […]

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What to cook when the Thanksgiving leftovers are all gone?

The last of the turkey has been eaten. The fridge is now officially void of Thanksgiving leftovers and you probably don't want to look at turkey, stuffing and brussels sprouts casserole until around this time in 2015. If you're an at-home gourmand and looking to venture out and try out some new recipes, I encourage you to check […]

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Mapmakers Lie! Grant Park in 1913

Map showing features described

Previous Post: Grant Park 1909-1914 To show that illustrators and mapmakers can lead you seriously astray, here is an enlargement from Birds Eye View of the Elevated Railroads, Parks and Boulevards of Chicago published in 1913. The unwary sightseer who took “Lincoln Park Boulevard” over the bridge through beautifully landscaped Grant Park to “Fields Museum” […]

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His and Hers

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According to Jonathan Eig, there are four people primarily responsible for the birth control pill: incendiary feminist Margaret Sanger, iconoclast medical researcher Gregory "Goody" Pincus, devoted philanthropist Katherine McCormick, and Catholic OB/GYN John Rock. Eig weaves their stories together in The Birth of the Pill. Pincus runs his medical institute on a wing and a prayer, […]

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History of Grant Park 1909-14

Biplane over Art Institute

Previous Post: Grant Park 1900-1908 In 1909 Montgomery Ward won his long legal battle to keep Grant Park “Forever Open, Clear, and Free.” Buildings could not be built in the original Lake Front Park without the unanimous consent of the building owners across Michigan Avenue.  Ironically the open grassy area proved ideal as an airfield--to […]

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