Horror and Music at the Oscars

hand holding a sharp knife

When I sat down to enjoy Sweeney Todd again the weekend before the Oscars, I was under the impression that it had won in 2007 for Best Picture. I was wrong: that honor went to No Country for Old Men, another film with a high creep score. Of course, for pure spine tingling, it’s hard to […]

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Pulling Back the Curtains on Illusionists

Illustration of a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat

I love magic. The accurate term would be illusion, but in my heart it is all real. When it comes to modern illusionists, my favorite is Criss Angel. I saw his show in Las Vegas and was blown away by the appearance of birds from nowhere and him walking down walls. I know it’s heavily […]

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And the Oscar Goes to…

Oscar statue

If you want to win your Oscar betting pool, now’s the time to place holds on the nominated films. On Sunday, March 2, the 86th Annual Academy Awards will be handed out to Hollywood’s shining stars. Captain Phillips is nominated for six awards including Best Picture. So I should probably see it. Tom Hanks plays the real-life captain who battled Somali pirates. Modern-day pirates? I’m in. […]

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Would You Survive?: The Return of The Walking Dead

zombie finger puppet

I’ve never considered myself a “zombie” girl. I’ve always been much more fascinated by vampires—they only come out at night, they aren’t necessarily going to kill you and they are just slightly sexier then zombies. I don’t really enjoy horror movies, so I’ve only seen a handful of zombie films, mostly spoofs, and although I’ve […]

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Classic Romantic Comedy Back on the Big Screen

red seeds form shape of heart

The first movie I ever saw about adult relationships was Sleepless in Seattle. I remember my mother dragging me with her to a random movie theater in the western suburbs to see some movie with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan that in my mind was for “old people.” I was 13 years old and hadn’t […]

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What’s a B-Movie, Anyway?


Every year, nerds descend on Northwestern University in Chicago to watch B-movies for 24 hours. Like subjects of the show Mystery Science Theater 3000, they cope with watching terrible movies by wisecracking about on-screen events. But why are so many people willing to lose sleep and smell so bad? And what exactly *is* a B-movie, anyway? Ed Wood: A lot […]

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Detroit to Birmingham by Way of 1963

Cornerstone of Sixteenth St. Baptist Church, erected 1909

When I came across the book The Watsons Go to Birmingham–1963 by Christopher Paul Curtis, the title struck me as odd. It was like something you would scribble on the back of a photograph or at the very least a rather complex title for a children’s book. However, this story of an African American family has stayed […]

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GenreList: Reboot, Remake Review

film reel by flickr user Judy

This time on GenreList: Reboot or Remake? Every year, Hollywood seems to be revisiting old classics and revising them into new material, some inventing stories whole cloth. This week, I’m going over what you should expect when you pull a remake off the shelf.

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Home Workouts That Work

Source: Aasimovic, Wikimedia Commons

You’re determined to keep your 2014 resolution to make it to the gym five times a week. But your car is still stuck under a pile of frozen snow from two weeks ago. So get some cardio: Walk to your local library and pick up a workout DVD. The best DVD I’ve found is Jillian Michaels’ Ripped […]

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The Biggest Oscar Upsets

Sylvester Stallone's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

American movie fans seem to have a love-hate relationship with the annual announcement of Oscar nominees. Time has vindicated the Academy with several flicks that have become cherished classics, but isn’t it more fun to remember Hollywood’s biggest upsets? Here are a few controversial choices for best picture from history’s annals. Dances with Wolves over Goodfellas, […]

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