Kids, Are You Staying Safe Online?

Child using an ipad
Source: flickingerbrad, Flickr

The Internet is a great tool for school and fun, but it can also be a dangerous and sometimes scary place as well. You may think that you are safe on your computer or mobile device, but you need to be smart about what you do and what you share online.

Girls and boys alike can learn a lot from A Smart Girl's Guide to the Internet. Learn Internet lingo, when and what to share online, how to connect on- and offline and how to talk with your parents about Internet safety.

Internet Privacy and Social Networking Online are just two titles in the Kids Online series that will help younger kids learn how to stay safe online.

It's always smart to include your parents in your online activities, so have them check out Cyber-safe Kids, Cyber-savvy Teens as a guide to keeping the whole family safe online.

Looking for something more interactive? Try the Surf Swell Island challenge to see if you can navigate the dangers of the Internet.