Just In Time For Your Women’s History Month Homework Assignment

Use the Person Search feature in the Biography in Context online resource to compile a list of notable people by occupation (Yes, “feminist” is listed as an occupation).  You can limit your list by nationality, ethnicity, gender, date of birth or date of death. My search (occupation - feminist and nationality - american) produced over 100 names, including Betty Friedan, Margaret Sanger, […]

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The Girl on the Train and Other Unreliable Narrators

Source: flickr, dr_john2005

Paula Hawkins' debut novel, The Girl on the Train, is a hit. Readers and critics alike appear to love Hawkins' gripping psychological thriller. With some incredibly satisfying plot twists and an unreliable narrator to keep things interesting, it's shaping-up to be this season's Gone Girl, and I have noticed engrossed readers toting this book around everywhere. An […]

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Discuss Part 2: A Couple of Boy Geniuses

What are your thoughts on The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay so far? What did you like about Part 2? Was there anything you didn't like? Who was your favorite of the cast of characters Sam Clay brought together to work on Masked Man Comics -- and who was your favorite superhero developed by […]

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Super-Real: Real-Life Heroes for Kids

I Am Malala book cover

This year's One Book, One Chicago selection asks us to look at the creation of the American superhero. But what really defines a hero? Is it someone who has a magical power? These real-life role models for kids made do with courage and ingenuity. Malala Yousafazi does not have super strength or X-ray vision, but what she does […]

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Some Modern Chinese History in Novels

CP China

China is in the midst of an economic miracle. Being China, it was a long time coming and has lasted a while. The reinvention of the world's second-largest economy and at the same time that of the Communist Party has had a massive effect on its population. These books bear witness to that. Frog by Mo Yan takes […]

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Who Can I Marry? A Chicago History

Photo Credit: firemedict58

As we approach February 26, the first anniversary of the day same-sex marriage began in Chicago, it is interesting to take a look at the history of marriage restrictions in Chicago. Pre-Statehood (Prior to 1818) I haven’t researched this period in great detail, as marriage did not seem to be overly regulated. In early Chicago, […]

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I Don’t Like Nazis

I Don't Like Nazis

I'm going to go out on a limb here, and I'm sure I'm going to offend somebody, but sometimes a man just needs to take chances. I have to say it. I don't like Nazis. They rub me the wrong way, and for some reason, they have a bad habit of turning up everywhere. Swastika […]

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Tax Time!

Its raining pennies and an updise down umbrella wrapped in dollar bills is catching the coins

Yes, tax season is here. Or, perhaps, you prefer to think of it as refund season. In either case, here are some basic resources to help you file your income taxes this year. Federal Tax forms 1040, 1040A and 1040EZ remain the staples of individual income tax filing. These forms are still available at many libraries through the Tax Form […]

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Malcolm X on the Anniversary of His Death

Malcolm X

Like his father and three uncles—and countless others who have spoken up for justice—Malcolm X was assassinated. He was killed 50 years ago at age 39 on February 21, 1965, while giving a talk at the Audubon Ballroom in New York City—just one week after his house was bombed. Malcolm is known to most as […]

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Pullman Becomes a National Monument

Pullman Company Administration Building and Clock Tower

On Thursday, February 19, President Obama will be in Chicago to declare the Pullman neighborhood a national monument. Pullman is one of the most famous and unusual neighborhoods in Chicago. In the 1880s George Pullman developed the area as an idyllic planned community with company-owned houses, schools, a park and a library, among other features, […]

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