Awesomely Odd Books for Teens

Weird Picture of People in Witch Costumes in 1978

With cold in the air and ads everywhere for Halloween costumes and party supplies, you might be in the mood to read something a little strange. I've got books for your weird mood, featuring strange characters - the sort of characters that would be (and in some cases are) at home in a sideshow, mad scientists or a […]

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“It’s About This Nurse…” Favorite Stories Retold

R&J 3

It sometimes happens when I go to the theater, or the movies, or read a book, that I find the minor characters more interesting than the people the story is supposed to be about. This often means that I am paying more attention to the servants or the villain than the young lovers or other main characters, […]

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Dancing Through Books

dancer's feet in tondue

When I was young, I dreamed of being a ballerina. Not in a casual way-- was serious about it. (And by serious, I mean sort of a little bit obsessed.) And to this day, I will immediately grab any book that is a tiny bit about dance. Pointe shoe on the cover? Done. Street dancers mid leap? […]

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Chicago vs. Smallpox

Previous Post: General George Washington vs. Smallpox According to Pox Americana, historical records indicate the epidemic of 1775-82 killed up to ninety percent of the Indians along trade routes from Mexico City, New Orleans and Canada. The devastation in the middle of the continent was not recorded, but during the 1790s European explorers of the […]

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Booker Prize and National Book Award Shortlists

The Narrow Road to the Deep North book cover

Yesterday, Australian author Richard Flanagan has won the 2014 Booker Prize for his book The Narrow Road to the Deep North, a book about a POW experience during World War II. It deals with work on the Thai-Burma railway (the Death Railway) made famous by the movie The Bridge on the River Kwai. This was the […]

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Fun with Superman

Superman book cover

This year's One Book, One Chicago selection, The Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, features two ambitious young men creating their own superhero in the late 1930s. Their creation owes a great debt to Superman, and in the same way that author Michael Chabon tips his hat to America's most iconic comic book creation, other writers […]

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Blue Note Records Turns 75

record, lp, blue note

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the founding of Blue Note Records, one of the most important labels in jazz music. Founded in 1939 by Alfred Lion and Max Margulis, the label is responsible for some of the most important jazz recordings in history, such as Coltrane's Blue train, the only record Coltrane made on […]

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Hooray for Bilingual Children! ¡Celebremos a los Niños Bilingües!

Source: Cristina, CPL

Are you raising a bilingual child? October is Celebrating the Bilingual Child Month and I'm excited to have a month especially for our children! I want to raise my boys bilingually like I was. Recent studies have shown that being bilingual is extremely beneficial for many reasons. Bilingual children have better cognitive and literacy skills, are better multi-taskers and find […]

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Don’t Forget About Them Apples!

Box of green apples

The crunch of leaves under my feet, the pumpkins and bales of hay that adorn front lawns and the cool temperatures are just a few of the things I love about Fall. For passionate home-cooks like myself, the change of seasons also signals different foods that become abundant during the Fall harvest. Soups and stews […]

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Celebrate Teen Read Week

Teen Read Week

Every year in October, libraries across the nation celebrate reading for the fun of it through Teen Read Week, but reading for fun isn't just for one week! There are so many books out there for you that there's even a list of nominees for the Teens Top Ten of the year. Lately, I have found some […]

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