Top Picks for Katniss Fans

picture of poster of katniss from hunger games

The last film of The Hunger Games series, Mockingjay Part 2, is finally here! Having to wait a year for its November 20 release was a pain, but I'm hoping it will be well worth it to see Katniss take on President Snow. The end of a series is always bittersweet because even though you […]

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It’s Alive! Frankenstein’s Many Lives

Frankenstein's Monster

The newest version of Dr. Frankentstein’s life, Victor Frankenstein, is hitting screens on November 25 and I’m super excited that one of my favorite literary characters is coming back to the screen. In the meantime, check out some of these adaptations and books inspired by Mary Shelley and her novel. Famed artist Gris Grimly has […]

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Guest Blog: Christine Sneed On Chicago: The City That Gives

Christine Sneed

Chicago author Christine Sneed is the author of three novels, Portraits of A Few of the People I've Made Cry, Little Known Facts, and most recently Paris, He Said. Her short stories have been published in a variety of places including Best American Short Stories, PEN/O. Henry Prize Stories, New England Review and Ploughshares. She […]

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Puzzles for Breakfast, Games for Dessert

Flower art made from household materials

In my house, it's always game and puzzle week—word puzzles are fun to do at the breakfast table and dinner is almost always followed by a board game. National Game & Puzzle Week is an excellent time to get everyone in on the fun of puzzling their way through the day, even the youngest members […]

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#TBT: The Cold War

Cover art for The Americans season 1 DVD

On November 19, 1990, the leaders of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe signed the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe, which dramatically reduced conventional weapons in Europe, bringing an end to the Cold War. To commemorate the occasion for this Throwback Thursday let’s take a look back at the Cold War […]

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And What Do You Do In Your Spare Time, Miss Lamarr?

Hedy Lamarr 1

Can't live without your cell phone? Can't imagine an evening without your remote? Thank Hedy Lamarr and George Antheil, the inventors of spread spectrum signaling who were more famous for other things. Hedy Lamarr was a Hollywood star most famous for Cecil B. DeMille's Samson and Delilah, a blockbuster in its day, and she was billed by Sam […]

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Holiday Drama Cometh

holiday ornaments

As the temperature cools and we jump in the last leaf pile, there is no denying it: the holidays are upon us. Even with my treasured family, the hectic pace of shopping, cooking, in-law scheduling, and guest-room cleaning makes the last few weeks of the year feel packed with high drama. Just when I’m ready […]

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Native American Heritage Books for Kids

Raven book cover

In November, we celebrate Native American Heritage Month. Learn more about Native Americans with these books for kids and families. You might start by exploring the history of Native Americans with Native Americans or A Kid's Guide to Native American History. These books use hands-on activities to explore the diversity of Native American cultures and to teach us about […]

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What Were They Thinking?

What Were They Thinking

People are weird. We're such a strange combination of messy biology and competing motivations, sometimes we erupt into acts so odd it takes deep research to figure out what the heck we were thinking in the first place. The research, though, makes for good reading. In 1997 in British Columbia, a former logger cut down a […]

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#OBOC Mission 4: Who would you like to have dinner with?

Mahalia Jackson

Writers, politicians, musicians, civil rights activists, architects, business owners, poets and playboys - there are a variety of interesting characters in The Third Coast. For this mission, tell us, if you could have dinner with anyone from The Third Coast, who would it be and why? Answer the question here or tweet us your favorite […]

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