Feminist Voices You Should Know

Feminist Voices

We've read many great memoirs, collections of essays and cultural analyses by female authors in recent years. Here are some feminist voices that kept the conversation going this year. In her honest and incisive memoir Shrill, Lindy West examines internet culture and body image through a feminist lens. Her absorbing essays and polemic against rape jokes in comedy combine Roxane Gay's […]

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#TBT: Rocky and Other Iconic Movies of 1976

Statue of Rocky Balboa

Yo Adrian, I can't believe it's been 40 years! Rocky hit theaters in December 1976, and he's been the heavyweight champ of our hearts ever since. For this Throwback Thursday, let's look at Rocky and other iconic movies of 1976. Over four decades and seven films, we've followed Rocky's ups and downs: from trying to woo […]

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Job Listings Websites: 6 Resources You Should Know

featured image

Hunting for jobs can be overwhelming. Besides all the other concerns, the sheer number of job listing websites means an awful lot of trial and error in a process that is already fraught with difficulties. Are you spending your time on a site that has enough available openings to meet your qualifications? If you're just getting […]

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Take Part, Take Action: International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Emmanuel's Dream book cover

Join the celebration of International Day of Persons with Disabilities by supporting the rights of persons with disabilities and promoting a just and inclusive society. Take part with your family by attending our creative musical play events with ScribbleMonster and checking out these inspiring picture books featuring strong kids with disabilities. A positive, straightforward text with […]

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Caught Reading: Downtown, November 2016

The back of a Red Line train leaving an underground station

One thing I love about working downtown is the variety of ways you can get to an errand or a date with a friend. If the sun's shining, it's perfect for a walk. Short on time? There's a bus pulling up now. Rush-hour traffic's a mess? Don't worry, the train's coming down the tunnel. These short hops are a great time […]

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A Taste of the World: Cookbooks from Ethnic Traditions

veggies on cutting board

We explore the theme “Eat, Think, Grow” this One Book, One Chicago season, with this year’s book, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. But if you're looking for a taste of something a little different, travel the world without leaving your kitchen with these cookbooks of flavors from all over the globe. The Enchilada Queen is a must-read […]

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Cartoonist’s Memoirs Feature Travel, Food, Chicago

Whether you love stories of Chicago, travel, food or everyday life, the Windy City's own Lucy Knisley has a comic book-style memoir sure to appeal to you. And her clean line drawings and conversational tone make her books a great choice for readers new to graphic novels. Raised in New York, the cartoonist graduated from the School […]

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