Caught Reading: Uptown, August 2016

Little Free Library

Every day I am out and about in Uptown, and lately everywhere I go I notice people reading. I have caught you reading at the bus stop, on park benches and even at the Little Free Libraries scattered throughout the neighborhood. Book lovers are certainly making their presence known in Uptown! You were thoughtfully selecting […]

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Neo-Southern Gothic


While the term "Southern Gothic" may bring to mind Carson McCullers and Flannery O'Connor, there are writers working now that are of close if not equal quality. What is Southern Gothic? Along with occurring south of the Mason-Dixon Line, it often concerns misfits, creepy situations, and sinister events caused by poverty, violence, or faults in the characters' […]

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#TBT: Happy Birthday, David Crosby!

Musician David Crosby on stage playing guitar.

David Crosby—whom Rolling Stone called “…the golden years of rock's unlikeliest survivor”—turns 75 this Sunday, August 14. For this Throwback Thursday, let’s take a look back at his lengthy career. While he spent his younger years playing in a folk duo in the Los Angeles area with his brother Ethan, it wasn’t until Crosby wound […]

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In Search of Spanish Poets

Source: Flickr, Abdulsalam Haykal

Many Spanish-language writers are known for their unforgettable poetry, such as the nocturnal and dreamlike worlds of Federico Garcia Lorca, the warm and romantic memories of Pablo Neruda and the powerful and emotional spirit of Gabriela Mistral. Poets invite us to places filled with loss, sorrow, passion and life. If you're an aspiring poet, you might want to take a […]

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Train Journeys

Source: ranbud, morgueFile

In Chicago, we're used to the train rattling and roaring through our neighborhoods and downtown. Between the Pink, Blue, Brown, Red, Green, Orange, Metra and South Shore commuter trains, we can travel all over the city and its suburbs. But did you know that Chicago is also considered a national railway center? In addition to the […]

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A Little Bit of Vinyl Love

record player

Back before MP3s, before CDs, even before cassettes, there was the record. The visual and tactile experience as well as listening to the record itself is magical. And many people make the argument that the best way to listen to music, if you are not listening to it live, is to listen to it on vinyl. That magic […]

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Surviving a Trip Through Time

Source: Eric K., Flickr

This summer we're focusing on travel.  Many teens have contributed entries to the Find Your Way Teen Chicago Travel Guide featuring interesting places to explore, imagine and challenge the status quo. But what about time travel? Would you know how to survive a trip through time? Check out these stories of teens slipping though the space time continuum. […]

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#TBT: Happy Birthday, Tony Bennett!

Tony Bennett performing

Singer Tony Bennett celebrated his 90th birthday Wednesday, so for this Throwback Thursday post, let’s look at Tony through the years. Born and raised in Queens, Bennett started his career as a teenager singing in restaurants while waiting tables. He later sang in military bands while serving in World War II, but his big break […]

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