5 Articles About Songs

Hands playing a guitar. No face visible.

Let's take a look at a range of recent articles on that humble but profoundly powerful art form, the song. While most songs only last a few minutes in performance, some of them have long and interesting histories. You can read these articles using CPL's Online Resources, but I've also noted if an article is available freely on the web. "'Blurred […]

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Lake Shore Drive

North Lake Shore Drive from Hancock Building, 2014. Photo credit: Romanbeod Flckr

Lake Shore Drive is a choice, if not particularly exclusive, street. According to the U.S. Census, more than 10,000 of the Near North Side’s 80,000 residents live within a block west of Lake Shore Drive. Another 774 live in Lake Point Tower at 505 N. Lake Shore Drive (the only odd numbered address and the […]

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Chicago Grit

Noir Bean

If you like noir and novels about Chicago, there's a new favorite out for you. The Governor's Wife by Michael Harvey is the latest in the Michael Kelly series, which starts with The Chicago Way. Harvey's books are atmospheric, and pretty much all the places he mentions actually exist, or have existed. Harvey's specialty is conspiracies, but they all seem […]

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Outsider Artist: Chicago’s Henry Darger

smaller image of Henry Darger Head stone

Anyone can become overwhelmed by the desire to express what is inside them in a creative way. Most often the best examples are highlighted in museums and art history courses and classes, but sometimes there are diamonds in the rough, or great works found in unlikely places. Whenever someone without a formal art education or […]

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Listen Up: Audiobooks for Teens

teen wearing headphones

While I love reading, sometimes I think a book sounds better when someone reads it to me. Take Neil Gaiman reading The Graveyard Book for example. Pretty great, right? If you're going on a road trip over summer break, or if you want to relax and listen from the comfort of your home, pick up these audiobooks! The narrators perfectly capture […]

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Winneconna Parkway: Venice in Chicago

silohetted trees and houses, with reflections in the lagoon

  No need to move to Italy or California to live on a Venetian canal. You can live on Chicago’s own Winneconna Parkway. The houses surrounding Auburn Park overlook the lagoon and its beautiful stone bridges. The name Winneconna is ...possibly derived from Ween-kan-ing, Algonquin for "place where marrow is obtained,” according to one authority, […]

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Midyear Check-in: Reaching Your Goals?

soccer goal with a couple tears in the net

We've reached the halfway point of 2015—the year just seems to be zipping by. Every year many of us set goals for the new year, and most of us kind of peter out by March or April. And by June they become a dim memory—until next January when we begin the whole process again! Are you ready […]

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Ferris Wheels: A Chicago Original

Ferris Wheel, Navy Pier, Chicago

Are you ready to ride the sparkling new Ferris wheel coming to Chicago next year? If you've been to Navy Pier recently, you've seen all the construction taking place in honor of Navy Pier's centennial celebration in 2016. Among the changes will be a new 196-foot Ferris wheel. That's almost 50 feet taller than the Ferris wheel […]

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What Does the Tooth Fairy Do with Your Teeth?

Tooth Fairy toy

Do you know the Tooth Fairy has lots of secrets? As she was checking my mouth for loose teeth, she let me in on one of those secrets — her favorite books featuring the Tooth Fairy at the library! In Andrew's Loose Tooth, Andrew is faced with a very tough question — how is he […]

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Anything but Standard

This season there are an unusual number of albums from major artists covering classics rather than new songs. These songs cover the gamut from 1930s show tunes to 1960s pop, but the overall vibe is nice and easy. Cheek to Cheek by Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga. They're one of the more unexpected pairings in recent memory, but […]

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