Kids Search Gets a New Look

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Kids Search is a great source for articles from children's magazines that supplement/update the information young people will find in World Book Kids, World Book Student and (of course!) books from our shelves. And now it's even better with a cleaner look and new sources. In addition to articles from children's magazines, you'll find hundreds […]

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5 Articles: Declutter Your Life

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Have you already read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up? I finished that and Marie Kondo's follow-up, Spark Joy, but once I KonMari'd (shorthand for Kondo's method of getting rid of stuff and organizing your remaining possessions) my closets and cupboards, I wanted to do more. With my apartment tackled, what else could I declutter? Here's a look […]

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Quiz: How High Can You Fly?

Person flying toy plane

Are you ready to Explore on the Go? Celebrate the history and science of air travel with our high-flying quiz created by bloggers Alexa, Amy, Becca, Jason, Liv, Mary, Ramona and Shilo.

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Tudor Queens

As Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her birthday last weekend, it might be fun to take a look at her female predecessors on the throne, especially the mightiest of them all: the Tudor queens. Alison Weir made her name writing biographies of English royals, including the excellent The Life of Elizabeth I. Her new fictional series, […]

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Suspenseful Debut Novels

tree and shed on farm

I love reading debut novels because they always hold the hope of discovering a new author or a new voice. The only problem in finding a good one, though, is having to wait for more! The following debut novels offer a double whammy with stories full of psychological suspense and the suspense of waiting for the next […]

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Banned: 5 Books that Have Been Challenged for their Gay Content

Cropped and-tango-makes-three-9781481446952_hr

First of all libraries don’t ban books. And when you take a look at some of these challenged titles you think, “Really?!” I mean, two male penguins that like each other and take care of a baby? What's not to love? By the way this story book is based on an actual pair of gay penguins, (Roy and Simon […]

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Find Fun Kids Books with Dory!

Finding Dory book cover

Our favorite forgetful fish swims back onto the big screen in Finding Dory on June 17. Read more about her in Dory's Story and other Finding Dory titles. Dory's not the only animal who forgets stuff. Peedie, a sweet gosling with a bad memory, loses his favorite red cap. Some friends join his search to get it back. Will they succeed? Peedie […]

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Books Celebrating Queer Latinx Identity

Rainbow Pride flag in the sky

Pride Month is a time of celebration, of coming together as one queer community of all cultures and ethnicities. But for people of color, sexuality intersects with ethnic cultures in a distinct and important way. These titles celebrate our queer Latinx family and honor the unique stories they have to tell. From Macho to Mariposa, edited by Charles […]

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Caught Reading: Humboldt Park, June 2016


As the weather warms up, I love to spend time in our city's beautiful parks. The Chicago Park District is the oldest and one of the largest public park districts in the United States. From public beaches to pools to tennis courts to playgrounds, Chicago's parks have something to offer all ages. Recently I ventured […]

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Top Picks: 5 Dreadful Dads

Source: Flickr, objectivejay

Literature has its fair share of bad dads. There are those who drink, beat, meddle, belittle and steal, among far more horrifying acts. To celebrate Father's Day, I've picked five dreadful dads featured in some great books and one play. You'll be thankful these awful guys aren't your pop. Jack Torrence in The Shining. What could go […]

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