Explore Teen Reads Through eBooks

eleanor and park book cover

Are you looking for your next read but don't want to brave the cold? You're in luck! Many eBooks from popular teen authors have recently been added to our collection, and you can check them out from the comfort of your own home. Rainbow Rowell won the hearts of many with her popular book Eleanor & Park about […]

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In Honor of The Breakfast Club Turning 30

The Breakfast Club

The quintessential teen movie from the 1980s is well out of its teens and nearing middle-age. The John Hughes movie The Breakfast Club is the story of five teens from different social groups (a jock, a brain, a princess, a criminal and a basket case) thrown together and eventually bonding during a Saturday morning detention. Kids […]

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Teen Romance for the Hardest of Hearts


I'll be honest, I'm not a giant fan of romance books. I'm not anti-romance, I'd just rather see characters doing something other than daydreaming or moping, or scheming to get a partner. So it's all the sweeter when a book whose primary focus is the development of a romantic relationship catches my attention. And Valentine's Day is […]

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Rethink Gender: Diverse Books for Teens

Photo of pencils in rainbow color order

Currently in the teen writing world, there is a push to see books featuring more diverse characters, themes and narratives. We Need Diverse Books is a grassroots organization dedicated to addressing the lack of books featuring characters with a variety of backgrounds. Think everything from race to income level to family dynamics. According to their mission statement, "We Need Diverse […]

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Teen Winners of 2015 Youth Media Awards

I'll Give you the sun book cover

Every year at ALA's Midwinter Conference, youth librarians across the country look forward to the announcement of the ALA Youth Media Awards, and today was no different. So without further ado, here are the winners and finalists for literature for teens. Michael L. Printz Award I'll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson won the Michael […]

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When Asteroids Attack

Collision Course

An asteroid to be seen by an average person with binoculars will fly close enough to Earth on Monday, January 26. Scientists say that although relatively close, it will be far enough away to pose no threat. I think we should take a moment to contemplate some titles in which the following fictional scientists said […]

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Dr. King: Honoring His Legacy

Martin Luther King Jr.

As we approach Martin Luther King Day, I feel that celebrating the life and work of Dr. King has never been more important than it is right now. The facts of Dr. King's life are well known: his leadership in the Civil Rights Movement, his advocacy of non-violence, and his unfortunate assassination on April 4, 1968. I hope […]

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Top Teen Titles Named at CPL Mock Awards

mock winners

Each year, CPL librarians get together for mock book award discussions in anticipation of the ALA Youth Media Awards announcement in February. It's a fun time for staff to share their thoughts and ideas about popular, controversial, engaging and excellent titles for teens. Be sure to read through all our winners for a chance to vote for your […]

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Friendships in Teen Literature


Romantic partners come and go...but friends are FOREVER. Romance is great and all, but let's not forget our friends in the midst of all those butterflies, yeah? Friends will be there to pick you up when you're down, to remind you when you're being dumb and to keep you from making stupid choices. Friends keep you […]

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Chicago’s Stylin’

Fashion show makeup

What better time to stock up on some fashionable reading than with the start of the Chicago History Museum's new exhibition, ChicagoStyled, which is all about the history of fashion in Chicago? Even if you aren't a fashionista, these great books will keep you entertained over the holidays. Who wouldn't love working in a vintage clothing […]

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