Top Picks for Zine Fest

This zine collection was photographed and shared by Marcelline Smith on fLICKR

Maybe you thought that zines, those self-published missives that pop up at independent media stores and events, were facing extinction because of computers and blogs. A trip to Chicago Zine Fest, April 29-30, would prove to you that the community is as vibrant and strong as ever. Many authors, and especially comic artists, started out in […]

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Teen Novels in Verse

poetry words

April’s here and it’s time to celebrate National Poetry Month! One of my favorite ways to explore poetry is through novels in verse (which are also a super quick read). Here are some of the latest and greatest to help you celebrate National Poetry Month. Wrestler Brendan struggles with his desire to be feminine and […]

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Feminism and Sexuality: A Short Discourse for Teens

Source: morgancari, Flickr Commons

Women's History Month has passed, but I'd still like to spend a moment longer celebrating women's strengths, wisdom and beauty, as well as honoring and respecting their bodies and sexuality. As teens become more aware of their bodies, and begin to explore their sexuality, it's important for them to have positive feelings about themselves and, when […]

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World Autism Awareness Day Is April 2

Source: Mattbeckwith, Flickr

Hey teens, have you ever heard someone say: he is so autistic? I'm sure you've heard similar phrases, like weird, dumb or retarded. People everywhere are labeling and ostracizing others for being different. In honor of World Autism Awareness Day, let's celebrate and learn how to better support neuro-diverse learners who simply don't "fit the norm." Same but […]

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Top Picks for DC Comic Fans

Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman action figures

If you're pumped to see the upcoming action-packed Superman vs. Batman on March 25, we recommend these top picks of great comics with popular DC superheroes to tide you over until the big opening night. All-star Superman by Grant Morrison shows us Superman at his most powerful and most human. Diagnosed with a deadly radiation-fueled cancer after a […]

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Insults, Smears and Character: A Quick Guide for Teens

Source: Robin, Chicago Public Library

It seems like every day our news is full of insults and ”smears” as the tension builds in the nation’s political arena. For this very reason, I thought it would be fun to find books covering clever and literary insults over time rather than the mundane political put-downs we're bombarded with today. Sharp and spontaneous disputes […]

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Decoding Shakespeare: A Guide for Teens

Source: scottchene, Flickr

Even though studying Shakespeare is often a source of grumbling among teens, I have a secret for you - Shakespeare is hilarious! Shakespeare wrote for the common people, not for the rich folks we associate with his work today. His plays are full of dirty jokes and epic slams that will have you rolling on the […]

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Warm Up With a Little Romance

Source: Original Art, Lesley Martinez Etherly, CPL Teen Services

It's cold, so what better time than the month of February, when everyone's talking and thinking about love, than to pamper yourself and cuddle up with a good romance! Explore my recommendations of off-beat romance for teens including the following books. In Rules for 50/50 Chances, the future is truly up in the air. Caleb is a super cute guy […]

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High School Equivalency Certificate Options

multiple choice close up

As of January 1, 2016, the state of Illinois now has three high school equivalency certification options. Differences include the format of the tests, plus the costs. Explore the following websites and resources to learn more. Get familiarized with the GED with Cracking the GED Test 2016 and GED Test 2016. Prepare for the HiSET exam with Master […]

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