Friendships in Teen Literature


Romantic partners come and go...but friends are FOREVER. Romance is great and all, but let's not forget our friends in the midst of all those butterflies, yeah? Friends will be there to pick you up when you're down, to remind you when you're being dumb and to keep you from making stupid choices. Friends keep you […]

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Chicago’s Stylin’

Fashion show makeup

What better time to stock up on some fashionable reading than with the start of the Chicago History Museum's new exhibition, ChicagoStyled, which is all about the history of fashion in Chicago? Even if you aren't a fashionista, these great books will keep you entertained over the holidays. Who wouldn't love working in a vintage clothing […]

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Everyday Teen Heroes

stars in gold lights

What makes a hero? The characters from this year's One Book, One Chicago selection, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, create their own superheroes as a direct response to their lives. When I think of heroes, superheroes like the X-Men and Batman first come to mind, but what about everyday heroes? The main character in Colin Fischer has […]

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Shoegazing Music

Shoegaze music

Are you looking to relax during the school year? Give yourself some musical healing with shoegaze music. Shoegaze is dreamy, psychedelic, ethereal music that's sprinkled with a bit of rock and roll. People say music is good for the soul, so if you are planning on staying in and painting a masterpiece, or just having a chill night with friends, […]

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BANG! POW! Super Girls in Comics

Black Cat Comics cover superhero in black cat suit drops in on gangsters gambling

With all the new superhero blockbusters like Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy and X-Men: Days of Future Past, it’s hard not to love caped crusaders. For comic book geeks like me, it feels like a new golden age of heroes. This year, for One Book One Chicago, we celebrate the history of superheroes […]

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Are You Ready Teens? It’s NaNoWriMo Time!


Charge your laptop battery, create your perfect iTunes playlist and pin up those inspirational quotes because NaNoWriMo is here! This will be my first year participating, and I'm super pumped about it. Participants of National Novel Writing Month commit to writing 50,000 words between November 1 and November 30. For teens there is a special Young Writers Program and […]

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Epic Yarns in Teen Fiction

yarn, knitting needles

Back in the day knitting used to be grandmas making ugly, itchy sweaters that never fit right and that you never EVER wanted to wear in public. Now, thanks to the DIY revolution, I'm getting some of my favorite patterns from teens and there are at least two video games featuring yarn (Kirby's Epic Yarn […]

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Deadly: Teen Killers in Fiction

chalk outline of body

I find it hard to resist an exploration of the dark side of crime. And it's not just me!  Judging by the number of murder mysteries and true-crime books available, this is not a new phenomenon. It's natural to want to understand the ugly side of human nature. In this case, I'm talking about murder. […]

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Awesomely Odd Books for Teens

Weird Picture of People in Witch Costumes in 1978

With cold in the air and ads everywhere for Halloween costumes and party supplies, you might be in the mood to read something a little strange. I've got books for your weird mood, featuring strange characters - the sort of characters that would be (and in some cases are) at home in a sideshow, mad scientists or a […]

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Dancing Through Books

dancer's feet in tondue

When I was young, I dreamed of being a ballerina. Not in a casual way-- was serious about it. (And by serious, I mean sort of a little bit obsessed.) And to this day, I will immediately grab any book that is a tiny bit about dance. Pointe shoe on the cover? Done. Street dancers mid leap? […]

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