Best Celebrity Breakup Songs

Photo by Fibonacci via Wikimedia Commons

Reigning queen of celebrity breakup songs, Taylor Swift, just announced that her new album, 1989, will be released October 27. Of all her confessional tunes, "Dear John" is my favorite. She really stuck it to John Mayer on this track from 2010's Speak Now. Well...allegedly the song was about him. Ahem. "Don't you think I was too young to be […]

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Moments That Change Everything

two paths

There are moments in life when your whole world changes. I remember getting a fat envelope that told me I got into college. When I opened it, I had to make a choice that would change my life—to go or not to go? But some life-changing moments are not as happy. In If I Stay, the life-changing […]

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International Youth Day

Source: un_photo, Flickr

Did you know that the United Nations celebrates youth every year on August 12? International Youth Day has been happening since 1999, and this year's theme is Mental Health Matters. This day raises awareness and works to drop the stigma attached to mental illness and youth affected by it around the world. Have you ever felt […]

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In the News: Fishing for Answers

Source: twiga_269, Flickr

Rahm’s Readers Teen Summer Challenge – Newsworthy Animal Challenges Portland Aquarium, a newly opened aquarium in Oregon, is under investigation. READ: Portland Aquarium Deaths Under Investigation DISCOVER: Why is a new Facebook page inviting people to protest against “the grim life for animals in captivity?" Is the Portland Aquarium operating unlawfully? Portland Aquarium Opening this […]

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In the News: Giant Octopus

Source: pacificklaus, Flickr

Rahm’s Readers Teen Summer Challenge – Newsworthy Animal Challenges More than a million people shared the image of what the Lightly Braised Turnip’s website claims to be the second giant octopus found in the Santa Monica coastline. The cause of such a bizarre creature: radioactive gigantism. READ: Second Giant Sea Creature Washes Ashore Along Santa […]

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Teen Summer Challenge: Create!

Source: nsalt, Flickr

Hey guys! After reading, discovering and exploring what peaks your curiosity this summer as part of Rahm’s Reader’s Teen Summer Challenge, Make Your Imprint, why not start creating some pieces to showcase what you’ve learned and share your newfound knowledge with other teens, or perhaps make a difference in animals' lives? Here are some ideas […]

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In the News: Deadly Crossings

Source: arnolouise, Flickr

Rahm’s Readers Teen Summer Challenge – Newsworthy Animal Challenges The Mara River is home of a healthy population of Nile crocodiles. As apex predators, crocodiles are part of the abundant wildlife in the Serengeti where the crossing of the Mara River displays one of nature's most thrilling natural spectacles. READ: A Crossing In Kenya: A […]

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Career Challenge: Photo Fact Checking

Source: doug88888, Flickr

Did you know that many images you come across on the Internet, and often share, might be fake? Photos will amaze you in this activity. Some photos look real but aren’t, while others look unrealistic and are real. You will learn to sniff out altered images and create a cheat sheet that can help others […]

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Career Challenge: Challenging the Sources

Source: elstruthio, Flickr

In an era of “sharing is caring” how do you know what you get online is reliable? Primary sources are the foundation of fact-based news; but as you probably already know, primary sources can be photoshopped, edited, or manipulated in any other way before they are presented. In this activity, you will learn to question […]

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Career Challenge: Digital Storytelling

Source: ssoosay, Flickr

Did you know that about 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute? Get ready to create digital stories with this activity. With digital storytelling you can create a photo slideshow of any photos and bring them to life with powerful narration; then you can add special effects, soundtracks, titles and captions to […]

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