Superhero Series Inspire Love of Reading

Child reading book

My son was a late bloomer when it came to reading on his own. He loved books, but only if Mom read to him. Then his after-school teacher gave him a book that changed our lives forever! The Adventures Of Captain Underpants awoke something in my son that no other book could—his love of reading. It […]

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Super-Real: Real-Life Heroes for Kids

I Am Malala book cover

This year's One Book, One Chicago selection asks us to look at the creation of the American superhero. But what really defines a hero? Is it someone who has a magical power? These real-life role models for kids made do with courage and ingenuity. Malala Yousafazi does not have super strength or X-ray vision, but what she does […]

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Celebrating Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year sticky rice cakes

The New Year is almost here, are you ready to celebrate? Each year I look forward to the pop-pop-popping of firecrackers, the riot of drums and colors of my favorite Lion Dancers and all the yummy treats at the bakeries on Wentworth Avenue. If you are like me and just can't wait, try one of these […]

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A Constellation of Stars

Freddie The Boy

The stars will align when the NBA All-Star Game is played on February 15 in New York City.  The NBA All-Star game is a showcase of the best that the NBA has to offer; players who have honed their skills on the playgrounds of America and Europe and give hope to kids everywhere who dream of one day reaching the […]

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Count on a Celebration for the 100th Day of School

hand holds out a collage of 100 photographs in the shape of the number 100

February brings many celebrations each year. Perhaps the biggest for young students is the 100th day of school. Day 100 is a great opportunity for primary grade students to show off their newly developed math skills by counting from 1 to 100, by ones, fives, tens, twenties, and more. Add in some great books about this special […]

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Presidents Are People, Too

Mt. Rushmore

Yes, they were large and in charge, but our presidents were also fathers, sons and friends. While in office, they had to be serious and work hard for the American people, but on their way there, they made messes and mistakes just like the rest of us. Take a look at these true stories about the lives of […]

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Will U B Mine? Sweet Valentine’s Day Tales for Young Readers

Candy hearts

As Valentine's Day approaches, the familiar flavor of those candy "conversation hearts" stirs up memories of exchanging cut-paper valentines with my grade school classmates and dancing my first slow dance in the gym. Look no further than these sweet tales of secret admirers, hand-made cards and first crushes to feel the love this Valentine's Day. Mouse and Mole, Secret Valentine is a […]

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Newbery, Caldecott, Other Kids Book Awards Announced

The Adventures of Beekle book cover

The American Library Association on Monday announced its picks for the very best books published for kids in the last year. Kids, parents, teachers and librarians from across the globe try to guess which books will be picked from among the thousands published each year and hope against hope that their favorite gets picked. We've compiled the […]

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Beyond Superheroes: Comics for the Youngest Readers

One of the great side effects of the growth of the library's comic collection is the availability of titles for even the youngest patron. Beyond the widespread superhero readers, here are some books that can be enjoyed by beginning readers: Dragon Puncher: Don't discount the abilities of the Dragon Puncher simply because he's an adorable kitten; […]

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Hip, Hip, Hooray for National Puzzle Day

puzzle pieces

I cannot — I repeat, cannot — resist a puzzle. And it doesn't matter what kind of puzzle it is — puzzle boxes, logic puzzles, crosswords, word searches, jigsaws or even riddles and mini mystery. I love the hidden secrets and the challenge of unlocking them. Get your puzzle geek going for National Puzzle Day on January 29, […]

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