Remembering the Holocaust: Books for Kids

Always Remember Me book cover

This year, Holocaust Remembrance Day, or Yom Hashoah, begins on the evening of May 4 and ends on the evening of May 5. During this time, people around the world will remember the millions of people who lost their lives. It is difficult to talk about the Holocaust, but everyone wants to make sure it […]

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Thank a Teacher

Stack of old books with red apple on a wooden desk

If you know how to read, thank a teacher. If you know how to add and subtract, thank a teacher. If you are curious about the world, thank a teacher. The first week of May is National Teacher Appreciation Week. What a good reason to read about some teachers who've made a real difference in kids' lives! Matilda loves […]

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Sing Me to Sleep: Picture Books for Bedtime

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star book cover

Babies love the sound of their parents' voices. Whether read or sung, lullabies are a wonderful way to bond with your child and a great way to get young children to fall asleep. Plus, kids don't care how good your voice sounds. The words and rhythms in traditional lullabies and nursery rhymes are very simple […]

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Best Friends Forever

My Friend is Sad book cover

Here’s a list I made: Peanut butter and jelly Milk and cookies Chicken and waffles Cheese and crackers Peas and carrots What kind of a list is this? No, it’s not my grocery list! All of these foods are tasty on their own but when you put them together, their differences make them extra special. […]

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Celebrate Our National Parks

Source: sanjoyg, Flickr

Kids, pack your bags, grab your hiking shoes and tell the family it’s time for a real vacation! Where are some of the best places to vacation? Our National Parks! There is no better year to visit these treasures than this year as the National Parks’ celebrate their centennial. Happy 100th Birthday, National Park Service! Glaciers, mountains, […]

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Quiz: Do You Know Beverly Cleary?

Beezus and Ramona and Henry Huggins book covers

Do you love Ramona, Beezus, Henry and friends? Celebrate legendary children’s book author Beverly Cleary’s 100th birthday this month: Test your knowledge of her classic books with our quiz created by bloggers Alexa, Amy, Becca, Jason, Liv, Mary, Ramona and Shilo.

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STEAM Power Every Day

girl with safety goggles

Look around—can you find the science, technology, engineering, art and math around you? You're reading this on a screen that is powered by electricity. Everything you touch is made up of atoms, which are the building blocks of matter.  If the sun is shining today, it's warming us up even though it's actually 92,955,807 miles away from planet Earth! At […]

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Marilyn Singer Q&A

Echo Echo book cover

Get to know April's Author of the Month, Marilyn Singer, as she talks about the inspiration behind her latest book, Echo Echo, reverso poetry and which Greek god she would be for a day. Where did you get your idea for this book? I’ve written three books of reverso poetry.  A reverso is one poem with […]

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Author of the Month Marilyn Singer

Photo of author Marilyn Singer

Stories of a magical world created long ago. Created long ago, a magical world of stories. Flip your idea of poetry and Greek myths upside down with award-winning author, poet, inventor of reverso poetry and April's Author of the Month, Marilyn Singer. In her third book of reverso poetry, Echo Echo, Singer breathes new life […]

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Hey Kids, Find Your Inner Poet!

Daniel Finds a Poem book cover

It's April and that means National Poetry Month, which is the perfect time to try your hand at writing some poetry. Looking for inspiration? Try one of these new books to get your writing juices flowing. In Daniel Finds A Poem a little boy asks animals in the park, "What is poetry?" He discovers that poetry can be […]

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