Native American Trickster Tales

coyote sculpture

Trickster tales are close to my heart. Whether they are foxes, rabbits, coyotes, crows or men, tricksters are both rascals and generous friends. Their tales teach us the value of patience, tolerance and respect while tickling our funny bones. Take a look at what some favorite Native American tricksters do to get a full belly […]

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Turkeys Say “Please Don’t Gobble, Gobble Us!”

Large male turkey

If you ask a group of preschoolers what Thanksgiving is all about, they will happily shout, "Turkey!" Most of us love a tender, juicy bird as the centerpiece of our holiday table. This year, try to see things from the turkey's view of the table. For the turkeys in these playful picture books, Thanksgiving means just one […]

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Get in the Game: National Game and Puzzle Week

Scavenger Hunt, Board Game

Spend time playing games instead of watching games during National Game and Puzzle week, November 23 -29! Part of the Million Minute Family Challenge™, this week is meant to increase appreciation of board games and puzzles while preserving quality family time. What better way to spice up this turkey day than to spend time with your […]

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The Red Thread: National Adoption Month

Spools of red thread

An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break. —Ancient Chinese proverb The Asian legend of the red thread is a perfect way to frame National Adoption Month, celebrated throughout November. It's lovely to think that adoptive family members are […]

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Even Kids Can Recycle

Source: Steve Snodgrass, Flickr

Hey kids, did you know America Recycles Day is on November 15? Recycling is an important way to re-use items that would otherwise end up as garbage. Take the pledge to "give your garbage another life" and learn how you can reduce, reuse and recycle. What Happens to Our Trash?: Did you know that the average […]

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Dreaming of Flying

Wright brothers first flight

November is a great time to learn more about aviation, from the hot air balloon to the invention of the airplane by the Wright brothers as we celebrate National Aviation Month. Since the first time man was able to successfully fly on December 17, 1903, the way the world lives has changed – from the […]

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Brought to You by the Number 45: Happy Birthday, Sesame Street!

Source: Chicago Public Library Children's Services

Sesame Street premiered on November 10, 1969, which means that this week Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Grover, Oscar the Grouch and all of their neighbors on Sesame Street are celebrating their 45th birthday! Jim Henson's muppets have delighted and educated generations of children. As a toddler in the late 1980s, I have fond memories of watching […]

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NaNoWriMo for Writers of All Ages

child writing with pencil

Calling all young writers! Anyone can be a writer during National Novel Writing Month, better known as NaNoWriMo. Adults, like me, are challenged to write 50,000 words (1667 per day!) in 30 days. Younger writers can set their own goals as part of the NaNoWriMo Young Writers Program. You can write by hand on paper […]

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Pizza! Pizza!

Slice of pizza

Pizza is a great food any time of year, but especially during October when we celebrate National Pizza Month. Hold the Anchovies!: Find out more about what goes into making pizza whether you like anchovies on top or not. Cool Pizza to Make & Bake: This book, from one of my favorite cooking series Cool Cooking, […]

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Get Ready for Bookamania!

A homemade found object puppet

Bookamania, a fun-filled celebration of books for the whole family held at the Harold Washington Library Center, is less than a month away! Get ready for the big day by reading the books created by our special guests that will be joining us on this extraordinary day. Bonny Becker and Kady MacDonald Denton, are the author […]

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