Explore More on the Moon

The Moon by Seymour Simon book cover

When you look up at the sky at night, what do you see? In the city, you might see a few stars, a planet or two, but you will definitely see The Moon. Since it is the closest object to Earth, at only one quarter of a million miles away, and because it seems to change […]

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Descendants: Villains 2.0

Princess and the Pea illustration

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a child of an evil storybook character? Disney's Descendants introduces the trouble-making kids of Maleficent, Cruella de Vil, the Evil Queen and Jafar as they make their way at a high school filled with heroes' kids. Will they set aside their differences and become friends or will […]

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Open a Book and Travel the World

Lego explorer with maps and globe

Have you ever picked up a book, started to read it and felt like you were in a different place? Books can take you to many wonderful new places. Even if you aren't going anywhere for summer vacation, you can feel like you have been all over the globe, or beyond, just by reading. Check out these stories […]

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Out of This World Movies for Kids!

E.T., the Extra-terrestrial movie cover

Encounter aliens or take a trip into outer space with these movies budding space explorers are sure to enjoy. Mars Needs Moms: Clean your room, take the dog for a walk, do your homework. Arrgh! Milo thinks he's heard more than enough from his mom until she's abducted by aliens from Mars. Race to Witch Mountain: When two aliens […]

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5 Articles About the Moon Landing

Buzz Aldrin salutes the American Flag on the Moon

On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first men to set foot on the moon. What would it be like to travel to a place no one has ever been before? Who has been to the moon since Apollo 11 and the Eagle landed? Should we go back? Find answers to these […]

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Guest Blog: Keep Kids Learning with MSI

Adult and children work on rocket launch science project

Today we're featuring a guest blog by Bryan Wunar, director of community initiatives at the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago. He joins us to talk about the museum’s hands-on science activities and its collaborations with the Chicago Public Library. Just because school is out doesn’t mean learning should stop. One way to keep kids’ minds […]

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Cool Reads for Hot Summer Days

Source: moodboardphotography, Flickr

It's hot! It's so hot! Is there any way to cool off? Let's go to the beach! Join the Dinotrux crew as the Dinotrux Dig the Beach. Building sand castles in the breeze and surfing in the cool waves keeps everyone from getting too hot. And who doesn't love eating some deliciously cold ice cream? In […]

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A Love Letter from Pluto

source:  Flickr, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Early this morning, NASA's New Horizons flew the closest we've ever been to the dwarf planet Pluto and sent images back to Earth. One of the most noticeable things about Pluto that we can see from these images is a large, bright heart-shaped spot. I like to think of it as Pluto's love letter to its […]

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We All Read for Ice Cream

Two small ice cream cones with fudge

Ice cream is delicious every month of the year and since July is National Ice Cream Month, I'll take that as an excuse to eat more sweet, cold ice cream. People have been finding ways to use snow and ice to make yummy cold desserts since the Middle Ages. Did you know that the most popular flavor of ice […]

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Congratulations, Misty Copeland!

source:  kryziz, flickr

On June 30, the American Ballet Theatre made history with the promotion of dancer Misty Copeland to principal performer. Copeland is the first black female to be named a principal dancer in ABT's 75-year history. Copeland has performed as a soloist with the company, just last week opening as the lead in Swan Lake.  Congratulations, Misty! Not only is […]

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