Congratulations, Misty Copeland!

source:  kryziz, flickr

On June 30, the American Ballet Theatre made history with the promotion of dancer Misty Copeland to principal performer. Copeland is the first black female to be named a principal dancer in ABT's 75-year history. Copeland has performed as a soloist with the company, just last week opening as the lead in Swan Lake.  Congratulations, Misty! Not only is […]

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Ferris Wheels: A Chicago Original

Ferris Wheel, Navy Pier, Chicago

Are you ready to ride the sparkling new Ferris wheel coming to Chicago next year? If you've been to Navy Pier recently, you've seen all the construction taking place in honor of Navy Pier's centennial celebration in 2016. Among the changes will be a new 196-foot Ferris wheel. That's almost 50 feet taller than the Ferris wheel […]

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What Does the Tooth Fairy Do with Your Teeth?

Tooth Fairy toy

Do you know the Tooth Fairy has lots of secrets? As she was checking my mouth for loose teeth, she let me in on one of those secrets — her favorite books featuring the Tooth Fairy at the library! In Andrew's Loose Tooth, Andrew is faced with a very tough question — how is he […]

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We’re Going to the Zoo (or Aquarium)

Children and Bronze Lion at Lincoln Park Zoo

June is the perfect month to go outside and spend some time at a zoo! It's also National Zoo and Aquarium Month, and we have some world-class zoos and aquariums in Chicago. I love the lions at the Lincoln Park Zoo and the Brookfield Zoo. Did you know that a lion's roar can be heard from five […]

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What Exactly Is Juneteenth Anyway?

Juneteenth for Mazie book cover

Have you ever heard of "Juneteenth"? Juneteenth celebrates the day Texas slaves found out they were free. When the Civil War ended in 1863, there were no Union soldiers in Texas to deliver the news that slavery had ended. The news didn’t make it to Texas until June 19, 1865. “Juneteenth” became a Texas state holiday in 1980 and has […]

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Let’s Make Something Awesome

blue monster bookmark

I love to make stuff! It's amazing what you can make with a few supplies and a really good idea—like this easy bookmark monster. Even President Barack Obama thinks making is awesome! National Maker Week, June 12-18, celebrates design and hands-on projects for kids and adults across the country. In the mood to make something, but don’t know what? […]

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Write: Tips for Rahm’s Little Readers

Write coloring sheet

Scribbles and markings are a child's first attempts at writing. Give your child the chance to draw, color and write to encourage their skills. Kids also gain pre-reading skills by writing and drawing. Read On the Launch Pad: Count down from 12 to 1 to launch this rocket into space. Zoo in the Sky: What […]

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Talk: Tips for Rahm’s Little Readers

Talk coloring sheet

Kids learn language by listening to their parents talk. As you talk to your child, they learn new words and their meanings. Take the time to talk with your child and have conversations around what you are doing throughout the day. Read Astronaut Handbook: Get your little astronaut ready to blast off into outer space. The Three Little Aliens […]

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Sing: Tips for Rahm’s Little Readers

Sing coloring sheet

Children need to hear the different sounds that make up words. Singing makes these sounds easier to hear. Sing songs you know and clap out the rhythm so your child can hear the syllables — the sounds that make up words. Read Space Song Rocket Ride: Take a musical ride through the 8 planets. A Trip […]

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Read: Tips for Rahm’s Little Readers

Read coloring sheet

Reading with your child is the most important way to get your child ready to read. Reading aloud builds vocabulary, storytelling skills, knowledge of the world and builds a bond with your child. Reading for at least 20 minutes every day builds a habit for lifelong reading. Read Curious George and the Rocket: Fly through the stars […]

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