That’s Love (and Marriage) Baby!

Man's and woman's feet clad in dancing shoes

Famous couples often only need one name each—Anthony and Cleopatra, Scott and Zelda, Bogart and Bacall—but what do we really know about their story? What's it like to have a famous spouse, or to live your life in the spotlight or be at the center of history? Here are some power couples as they appear in fiction. Above […]

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Literary Anti-Heroes

silhouette near tunnel

The skies are dark, hope is lost, corruption reigns, and those few bright lights willing to fight back are sure to be betrayed by their closest allies, or their own frail nature. Enter the anti-hero, a lone wolf just a shade better than the desperate souls that surround her, as contrary and complicated as your average […]

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For the Love of It: Crafts and Cooking

Love, spelled out with beads

I love love love this February! For such a short month, it packs so many celebrations in it to keep me busy and help me not think how much snow we all have to trudge through right now. We have so much this month with the Super Bowl, Groundhog Day, Presidents Day, Lincoln's birthday, Mardi Gras, Chinese New Year, African […]

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Black Roots: Tracing Your Family Tree

T. Burroughs

Are you trying to learn more about yourself by tracing your family heritage? Do you have an old picture of great-great grandparents but want to know more about who they were and how they lived? Distinguished genealogist and historian Tony Burroughs will be available Tuesday, February 10 at Harold Washington Library Center and Tuesday, February 24 […]

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Studs Terkel: A Chicago Hero

Source: Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons

"Why are we born? We’re born eventually to die, of course. But what happens between the time we’re born and we die? We’re born to live." —Studs Terkel, 2003 I didn't know much about Chicago's history before I moved here in 1996. Someone told me I should read Division Street and I'd know everything. While that […]

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Travel Like You Mean It

Travel Like You Mean It

Lots of people travel just to find out who they are. Maybe they're going through a divorce or struggling with addiction, or maybe they have a suicidal love of nature, but they're all finding themselves on the road. I don't like it. I already know who I am and I'm boring. I prefer travel books about people trying […]

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A Taste of Cuba

Source: schwarzkaefer

Much has been said and written about Cuba, our neighbor 90 miles south of Florida.  One thing is undeniable: Cuba is home to a rich and colorful culture full of life. The Cold War between the United States and Cuba significantly restricted travel to Cuba.  In fact, the closest most people could ever get to Cuba […]

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Doctor Who, Take Me With You!

Doctor Who's blue tardis

As a Doctor Who fangirl (yes, I saw Matt Smith at Comicon 2014), I was excited to see the new Doctor, Peter Capaldi, debut on BBC America last year. A show that lasts for 50 years is a testament to people's enduring fascination with time travel, aliens and odd men who pop out of police boxes and offer to take you on their […]

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Boston Girl Readalikes

hadassah 1

For those of you waiting for The Boston Girl, I have a few suggestions while you wait. First, let me tell you are in for a treat in Anita Diamant's latest, about a young woman who works her way from tenement child to a social worker. Addie Baum is as old as the century when her granddaughter […]

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The New GED: Boost or Barrier?

Diploma rolled up and tied with ribbon

According to a 2014 Chicago Tribune article, an astonishing 1.3 million Illinois adults lack high school diplomas. With the majority of those adults living in the city, this affects the entire Chicago community, contributing to increasing violence, job growth and tax revenues. Mayor Rahm Emanuel is trying to prevent this in the future with his Chicago […]

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