Sample American Cheese Month with These Great Titles

Source:  Stéphanie Kilgast, Flickr

This October, people across the nation are gathering to celebrate the myriad shades, shapes and savors of American-made cheese. Some relish a panoply of flavors ranging from mild to sharp, while others delve into the mysteries of cheesecraft and create their own delicious masterpieces. No matter your taste, we can feed your flavorful obsession with recipes that range from […]

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Guest Blog: Introducing the Ed Paschke Art Center

Nico, Andy Warhol and the Velvet Underground

Today we're featuring a guest blog by Thea Nichols, director of community engagement at the new Ed Paschke Art Center. She joins us to talk about the center, its namesake and its collaborations with the Chicago Public Library. Ed Paschke is one of Chicago’s most renowned artists. Born and raised on the North Side, Paschke became […]

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Patrick Modiano Wins the Nobel Prize in Literature

Missing Person book cover

Patrick Modiano has won the 2014 Nobel Prize for Literature for his lifetime body of work. A French writer, he was relatively unknown outside of France until now. Many of his books are about the French experience during World War II, and he co-wrote a screenplay for Louis Malle's classic movie Lacombe Lucien about a troubled teenage boy during […]

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It’s Easy to DIY Halloween

Black cat with jack-o-lanterns

I love everything about fall—from the changing leaves to the crisp temperatures to the holidays. And I especially love October because I can’t wait for Halloween. It is the one time of year when it’s OK for you to be just a little bit crazy and over the top. I like to make Halloween my own, […]

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10-9: Bicycle Messenger Appreciation Day

bike messenger

In 2007, Chicago declared the ninth day of October Bicycle Messenger Appreciation Day. Arguably, no other job has been as glorified, vilified or mystified as that of the bike messenger. Despite carrier pigeons, telephones, fax machines, email and 3D printers, (not to mention ill-tempered motorists or extreme weather), the bike messenger continues to deliver. Further, […]

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Harvey Pekar at 75

Bronze Harvey Pekar memorial

"Ordinary life is pretty complex stuff." So said American Splendor author Harvey Pekar, who would have turned 75 on October 8.  Known nearly as well for his curmudgeonly attitude and his love of jazz as his writing, the Cleveland native endeared himself to critics and comic aficionados alike with his work likened to that of Chekov. […]

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Love Bites: Vampire Romances

fake red flowers and fake blood

Maintaining a relationship with a vampire has all sorts of complications: Where to live? Must be able to fit a casket, so scratch the studio apartment. What types of social occasions? Movies, yes; church weddings, no; having friends for dinner...maybe. How to introduce him/her to your family? And then there's the whole drinking blood thing. […]

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Just Like Baba Used to Make!

Pierogi on a plate

We're celebrating Polish American Heritage Month during the month of October. Did you know that Polish is the third most spoken language in Chicago? Yup, Chicago is home to about 185,000 Polish language speakers and many more that have Polish ancestry. Chicago also offers a wealth of authentic Polish restaurants—many can be found in neighborhoods on Chicago's […]

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Funny in Translation: From Farsi to French


It’s really neat when you discover words and phrases you thought unique to your language end up in other cultures.  Like the phrase "to walk on eggshells" (to be careful not to offend someone) has a close cousin in French—"marcher sur des œufs.” But not everything we say in one language translates perfectly into another […]

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They’re All Lying to You

They're All Lying to You

Maybe you're the type who trusts in the basic goodness and honesty of your fellow man, who can calmly walk through life, confident in the truth of what average people and organizations have to say for themselves. As far as I'm concerned, that makes you a sap. They're all lying to you. Books told me […]

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