Top Picks for Back to School

Line of School buses

It's the end of August, which means you've either just started school or you'll soon be heading back. It doesn't matter if you're going to school for the very first time or have been in school for awhile—moving from summer vacation to school lessons and homework can be hard. When my son started kindergarten, a friend recommended The […]

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Happy Birthday, Baby Pandas!

Giant panda Mei Xiang

Exciting news from the National Zoo this weekend: Twin panda cubs were born to Mei Xiang, one of three giant pandas at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. This is Mei Xiang's third successful pregnancy. She gave birth in 2005 to Tai Shan, who was moved to China in 2010, and in 2013 to Bao Bao, who […]

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Author of the Month Jeff Anderson

Author Jeff Anderson

School fundraising has never been more hilarious in Jeff Anderson's first novel for kids, Zack Delacruz: Me And My Big Mouth. When he decides to stand up for another student who is being bullied, 12-year-old Zack Delacruz sets himself up to lead the sixth grade in their fundraiser for the school dance along side the […]

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Jeff Anderson Q & A

Zack Delacruz book cover

Get to know August's Author of the Month, Jeff Anderson, as he talks about the inspiration behind his first book for kids, Zack Delacruz: Me And My Big Mouth, how he got his start in writing and the power of keeping a journal. Where did you get your idea for this book? I was a teacher […]

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Caught Reading: Brown Line, August 2015

Harold Washington Library Brown Line stop

Watch out Brown Line riders, I caught you reading this month! Your tastes run the gamut from fiction to memoirs to self-help, and they all look fascinating. So just what are you reading? In the follow-up to The Time Traveler's Wife, Chicagoan Audrey Niffenegger's Her Fearful Symmetry spins a ghostly tale about the mysteries of life, death and love. Just before shipping off […]

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Explore More on the Moon

The Moon by Seymour Simon book cover

When you look up at the sky at night, what do you see? In the city, you might see a few stars or a planet or two, but you will definitely see The Moon. Because it is the closest object to Earth, at only a quarter of a million miles away, and because it seems to change and […]

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5 Articles About the Moon Landing

Buzz Aldrin salutes the American Flag on the Moon

On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first men to set foot on the moon. What would it be like to travel to a place no one has ever been before? Who has been to the moon since Apollo 11 and the Eagle landed? Should we go back? Find answers to these […]

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Write: Tips for Rahm’s Little Readers

Write coloring sheet

Scribbles and markings are a child's first attempts at writing. Give your child the chance to draw, color and write to encourage their skills. Kids also gain pre-reading skills by writing and drawing. Read On the Launch Pad: Count down from 12 to 1 to launch this rocket into space. Zoo in the Sky: What […]

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Talk: Tips for Rahm’s Little Readers

Talk coloring sheet

Kids learn language by listening to their parents talk. As you talk to your child, they learn new words and their meanings. Take the time to talk with your child and have conversations around what you are doing throughout the day. Read Astronaut Handbook: Get your little astronaut ready to blast off into outer space. The Three Little Aliens […]

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Sing: Tips for Rahm’s Little Readers

Sing coloring sheet

Children need to hear the different sounds that make up words. Singing makes these sounds easier to hear. Sing songs you know and clap out the rhythm so your child can hear the syllables — the sounds that make up words. Read Space Song Rocket Ride: Take a musical ride through the 8 planets. A Trip […]

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