Teen Winners of 2016 Youth Media Awards

Bone Gap book cover

The winners and finalists for literature for teens were announced today at the ALA Youth Media Awards. Michael L. Printz Award Bone Gap by Laura Ruby won the Michael L. Printz Award. The Printz Award recognizes excellence in literature written for young adults, and this small town story examines a kidnapping, told from multiple points of view, […]

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Top Picks for Katniss Fans

picture of poster of katniss from hunger games

The last film of The Hunger Games series, Mockingjay Part 2, is finally here! Having to wait a year for its November 20 release was a pain, but I'm hoping it will be well worth it to see Katniss take on President Snow. The end of a series is always bittersweet because even though you […]

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Funny Everyday Teen Sleuths

light bulb in dark room

There's no better time than Teen Read Week to talk about all the great new teen fiction coming out this year. From teen detective work to family drama, the following stories will make you laugh and keep you in suspense. Joyride has the mixings of failed families, immigration, young love and human trafficking. Carly must figure out […]

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Vinyl Record Day Rotations

needle on a vinyl record

Throughout the years, people have listened to music on everything from cassettes to MP3s, and while technology changes, there's no doubt that music enthusiasts still love vinyl. Vinyl Record Day celebrates the cultural influence of vinyl and its impact on the past and future on August 12. So to celebrate, explore all the vinyl records you can […]

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Top Picks for Baseball Fans

MLB baseball

All the talk around this year's MLB All-Star Game has brought up a lot of personal baseball memories for me, like how I was so excited to meet Andre Dawson as a kid or how I spent 10 years of my childhood swinging a bat. I've always loved the sport and all the classic baseball movies I've seen […]

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Make Your Own Zine For International Zine Month

collage zine

Zines are no new thing. Chicago has its own Chicago Zine Fest, The Chicago Alternative Comics Expo, CAKE, highlights comics and zines, and we even have workshops this summer focusing on zines. Since July is International Zine Month, why not learn how to make your own! For anyone interested in an introduction to the history and making of zines, Whatcha Mean, […]

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Top Picks for High School Grads

graduate figurine on top of cake

You did it! Now what? The end of high school is an exciting time. It brings summer, sunshine and more time with friends, but maybe you don't know what's next. If that's how you're feeling, here are some top picks to ease your way into adulthood and come out strong. Roadmap: The Get-it-together Guide for Figuring Out What to […]

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Celebrate Teen Literature Day

stack of teen books

I read and talk about teen literature every day, but Celebrate Teen Literature Day is April 16, during National Library Week. Teen lit covers such a large variety of topics and genres that the list of books I want to read grows daily. I'll never be able to read everything, even if I kid myself that I will, but […]

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Art and Artifacts of the American Civil War

Source: Special Collections, Civil War Collection 91.4.41

As we acknowledge the 150th Anniversary of the American Civil War, it's possible you've had to do some research. There are some fantastic books out there where you can read all about it, but the images and art from that time period really help bring the conflict to life. There are many online resources you can access […]

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The Power of Friends

Source: amandavenner, Flickr

Friends see you through everything, the crushes, the family problems, the school drama, but finding one to trust doesn't just happen. It takes time. In The Scar Boys, Harry Jones is disfigured from a childhood accident, so making friends is often a challenge for him. But what eventually helps him out is music and starting a band. Each chapter […]

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