Picture Books About Mothers


Celebrate Mother's Day with young children by sharing one of these excellent books: Before I Was your Mother  This is one of my favorite books about mothers and daughters. In it, a mother shares with her child all the things she liked when she was young, including playing outside with her best friend, fighting with […]

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Celebrate Siblings With Young Readers!


National Siblings Day is April 10. We all know that brothers and sisters can vacillate between extremes, being best buddies one day and bitter rivals the next.  Whatever your kids happen to be feeling about one another at this moment, here are some excellent books centered around this special relationship: Julius, the Baby of the World In […]

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Read Magazines Online or on Your Device

source: Wikimedia Commons; Thierry Caro

You can read the latest issues of more than a hundred popular magazines, including Billboard, Mental Floss and Seventeen, as well as cooking, crafting and computer magazines anytime you want. It is super simple to get started and all you need is your library card. From Online Resources, click on Zinio, and from there, you can choose what […]

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The Right Amount of Fright: Scary Books for Young Children

photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

  Young readers are often as fascinated by the macabre as older kids, and it can be a challenge to find scary books that aren't too unsettling. Here are some suggestions:   In A Dark, Dark Wood  leads readers from a spooky forest into a mysterious house, building suspense until a pop-up ghost surprises them […]

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