GenreList: Chilling Thrillers

Photo by: StormPetrel1, Flickr

This time, on GenreList: plunging temperatures, blowing snow and fast-darkening skies set the scene for mysterious murders and alien oddities as we bring chilling thrillers to your local library. Feeling isolated by the cold? Are the howling winds and sub-zero temperatures driving you a bit batty? The Torrance family gets you in a big way. In The […]

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Sample American Cheese Month with These Great Titles

Source:  Stéphanie Kilgast, Flickr

This October, people across the nation are gathering to celebrate the myriad shades, shapes and savors of American-made cheese. Some relish a panoply of flavors ranging from mild to sharp, while others delve into the mysteries of cheesecraft and create their own delicious masterpieces. No matter your taste, we can feed your flavorful obsession with recipes that range from […]

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September Is Preparedness Month

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September is National Preparedness Month, and all around the country people are readying themselves for winter storms and all the disasters, great and small, that can turn a life upside down. While that might sound like a daunting challenge, you can make your family a lot safer in a few simple steps. Step 1: Be […]

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Remembering Lauren Bacall

Source: Betty Turner via Wikimedia Commons

Hollywood seems less bright today, with the passing of one of its guiding stars. Lauren Bacall was one of the most recognizable actresses of the 1940s, the very definition of the noir leading lady. Her real-life romance with on-screen partner Humphrey Bogart created one of the first Hollywood power-couples, a match that would set the press ablaze […]

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GenreList VII: Heatwave

Red and Orange Sunrise over Chicago Skyline

This time, on GenreList: It might be mild in Chicago, but in Hollywood summer is always a searing season of drama, pressure and conflict. Join us as tensions build, the temperature rises and summer builds to an explosive conclusion!

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Learn About Cinco de Mayo

Photo by: PaulSteinJC, Flickr

Cinco de Mayo is one of the most iconic Mexican holidays, recognized and celebrated both in Mexico and here in the United States. However, many confuse Cinco de Mayo with Mexican Independence Day (September 16). Mexican Independence Day represents the separation of Mexico from Spanish dominion, while Cinco de Mayo marks a battle that helped […]

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Remembering Gabriel García Márquez

Source: Filippo, Flickr

Myth brims with stories of the brave and talented being raised up to the heavens to shine as stars after death. Gabriel García Márquez was one of the rare few who attained the sky even before his time had come, illuminating a new genre for countless readers the world over. For many, García Márquez's work […]

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GenreList VI: Tax-Day Thrillers!

tax forms, pencil, eraser

This time, on GenreList: tax panic has set in, and folks are filing extensions as we speak. There’s never been a better time to get excited about cold hard cash, so take a break from your 1040s and crack open one of these Financial Thrillers!

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GenreList: Reboot, Remake Review, Part II

This time, on GenreList: Robocop. Godzilla. Spider-Man. The reboot craze has hit fever pitch, and the silver screen seems crowded with retellings of old favorites. But what exactly goes into a reboot, and how is it different from a remake? Reboot's and remakes have some basic common ground -- namely, both types of film use […]

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GenreList: Reboot, Remake Review

film reel by flickr user Judy

This time on GenreList: Reboot or Remake? Every year, Hollywood seems to be revisiting old classics and revising them into new material, some inventing stories whole cloth. This week, I'm going over what you should expect when you pull a remake off the shelf.

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