Remembering the Holocaust: Books for Kids

Always Remember Me book cover

This year, Holocaust Remembrance Day, or Yom Hashoah, begins on the evening of May 4 and ends on the evening of May 5. During this time, people around the world will remember the millions of people who lost their lives. It is difficult to talk about the Holocaust, but everyone wants to make sure it […]

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Best Friends Forever

My Friend is Sad book cover

Here’s a list I made: Peanut butter and jelly Milk and cookies Chicken and waffles Cheese and crackers Peas and carrots What kind of a list is this? No, it’s not my grocery list! All of these foods are tasty on their own but when you put them together, their differences make them extra special. […]

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Fairy Fun

Edie the Garden Fairy book cover

Fairy places, fairy things, Fairy woods where the wild bee wings, Tiny trees for tiny dames— These must all be fairy names! Do you believe in fairies? I do!  And just like Robert Louis Stevenson in his poem The Flowers, I believe the best place to find them is in your garden. The best thing about […]

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Hurray for Hedgehogs

hedgehog on rocky ground

Groundhog Day is the first holiday in February, a short month filled with a lot of special days, but Punxsutawney Phil isn't the only cute little critter who spends his winter hibernating and dreaming of spring. Turtles hibernate, bears hibernate, hedgehogs hibernate—wait, hedgehogs? Q: What do you get when you cross a bush and a pig? A: […]

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Dive into the Titanic


On the morning of April 15, 1912, five days into her maiden voyage, newspapers around the world announced that the ship everyone believed was unsinkable, the RMS Titanic, had hit an iceberg and sunk.  Even though over 1,500 people drowned in the icy waters off the coast of Newfoundland, as the years passed, memory of […]

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Extraordinary Biographies for Extraordinary Girls

J. Howard Miller

March is Women's History Month, but these compelling picture book biographies will make you want to celebrate women year round! Brave Girl: Clara Lemlich may have been tiny, but she was one brave girl! Discover how this brave five-foot tall factory worker from the Ukraine organized one of the most influential labor strikes in American history. Illustrated by […]

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Celebrate Presidents Day

White House

Presidents Day is this Monday, February 17; the day honors all American presidents from George Washington to Barack Obama. Whether you are in school or not, you can celebrate this national holiday in many different ways. Take a virtual tour of the White House. Test your knowledge of presidential pets. Explore little know facts about the […]

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Ciphers, Codes and Courage

control room

Calling all amateur cryptographers and junior codebreakers, I have an urgent message for you: - - If you're the sort of kid, or kid at heart, who pulled out a pen and paper to crack that alphanumeric code, then I have a whole list of goodies to keep you and your friends busy […]

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Common Core Decoded

Old-Fashioned Schoolroom in a Train Car.

School is in session and Common Core is the classroom buzzword - but what does it mean for you and your child? The Big Picture Common Core is short for Common Core State Standards, a series of benchmarks developed to ensure that all students are meeting state standards in English/Language Arts and Mathematics. English/Language Arts […]

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