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mother reading with two children
Take 20, Read Plenty!

Join us by pledging to take 20 minutes every day to read with a child. Just 20 minutes makes young brains grow strong and ready to read.

Connect With / Your Kids
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Guest Blog: Chicago’s First Lady on Read…
By Elizabeth

Amy Rule urges Chicagoans to Take 20, Read Plenty and shares the books her family has enjoyed the most through the years.

If You Love / Sports
Ernie Banks
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Remembering Ernie Banks

Mr. Cub, a Hall of Famer and 14-time All-Star, was the first African American to play for the club.

If You Love / eBooks
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Instant Access: Audiobooks, Video, Music

Cold weather keeping you inside? Download or stream these titles instantly using hoopla. No holds, no waiting -- and no boots!

If You Love / Teen Fiction
Collision Course
When Asteroids Attack
By Shira

Shira explores end-of-the-world fiction as a real-life asteroid flies past the Earth.

If You Love / A Great Read
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Boston Girl Readalikes
By Bbruins

For those of you waiting for The Boston Girl, I have a few suggestions while you wait...

If You Love / Teen Reads
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Go Long! Football Fiction for Teens

Get ready for the Superbowl, and go the distance, with this collection of on and off the field football stories.

recommended by mawls

Explore / Chicago's History
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From Chaos: Chicago’s Street System
By Chicago In 4D

Chicago In 4D recommends resources that explain the origins of Chicago's grid system.

Get Help / Surviving Chiberia
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Warm Books for Cold Days

These titles will bring about warm thoughts as you contend with the cold Chicago weather.

recommended by ChiPubLib_Adults

Make / A Delicious Meal
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Slow Cooker Cookbooks

For a meal that will cook while you curl up with a book, these titles feature everything from comfort foods to paleo to regional dishes.

Connect With / Kids' Author of the Month
Author Kwame Alexander and his novel The Crossover
Author of the Month Kwame Alexander
By Shilo

Identical twins Josh and Jordan couldn’t be more different – even on the basketball court where they both shine thanks to their dad’s pro ball experience…

If You Love / Movies
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How to Make a Film

In honor of Sundance, one of the largest independent film festivals, kicking off its 2015 competition, we recommend books on filmmaking.

recommended by ChiPubLib_Adults

Connect With / Your Community
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CHIdeas: Suggest a Book

If there were one book you could give every Chicagoan to read, what would it be and why?

If You Love / A Great Read
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January 2015 Staff Picks

This month's recommendations from Chicago Public Library's collection development librarians.

recommended by ChiPubLib_Adults

Connect With / Your Library
Night in the Stacks
Heroes and Villains Invade Chicago!

Enjoy food, cocktails and fun while supporting the Chicago Public Library during Night in the Stacks on April 10.

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