Remembering Lauren Bacall

Source: Betty Turner via Wikimedia Commons

Hollywood seems less bright today, with the passing of one of its guiding stars. Lauren Bacall was one of the most recognizable actresses of the 1940s, the very definition of the noir leading lady. Her real-life romance with on-screen partner Humphrey Bogart created one of the first Hollywood power-couples, a match that would set the press ablaze […]

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10 Years of Millennium Park

A crowd of people interact with Cloud Gate during Millennium Park's opening weekend. The Michigan Avenue street wall is visible in the background.

This summer saw the 10th anniversary of Millennium Park, which opened in July 2004. Planning, fundraising and construction of the park began as early as 1996, when organizers started to investigate who owned the park site. Today, features of the park are some of Chicago's most recognized landmarks. CPL holds two archival collections that allow you to […]

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Bring Me an Orange Every Day

featured image

One of my favorite patrons, Carlos, was telling me about his volunteer work at a hospice and the elderly man he visited. When Carlos found out he liked oranges, he brought a bag in and carefully peeled one for him as they talked. As Carlos was leaving, the elderly gentleman told him to take the bag with […]

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It’s Alright to Be a Lefty!

Left palm with message

I used to come home from kindergarten crying because my teacher insisted I was holding my pencil wrong. Yep, I’m a lefty and no matter how much coaxing, cajoling or coercing involved, I was not going to be right-handed or even ambidextrous. Luckily, my right-handed mother championed my difference and I was allowed to proudly hold […]

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Hellenga and his Women


I picked up The Confessions of Frances Godwin by Robert Hellenga not entirely sure what to expect, but I thought a book in which a woman has conversations with God had to be at least somewhat interesting. I liked it even more than I thought I would. Frances does indeed talk to God (and He answers her back, […]

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International Youth Day

Source: un_photo, Flickr

Did you know that the United Nations celebrates youth every year on August 12? International Youth Day has been happening since 1999, and this year's theme is Mental Health Matters. This day raises awareness and works to drop the stigma attached to mental illness and youth affected by it around the world. Have you ever felt […]

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Technology that changed Chicago: Calling 911. 1835-1860

Large Building with tower

Today in Chicago, you can call 911 and get rapid emergency assistance. Things were very different in 1835. The telephone hadn't been invented and dealing with emergencies was largely a self-help affair. Professional police and fire forces were a thing of the future. This was true worldwide. Even Scotland Yard was only six years old. […]

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Dogs That Never Die

featured image

  I am an animal lover - I love them all - but I have a special place in my heart for dogs. Big, small, tiny, huge, I find something endearing about all breeds. I have an 8-year-old labradoodle (embarrassing name for a large, proud dog), and he is the light of my life. Much […]

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Shark Week Returns


The countdown is running, get ready... it's coming! Shark Week begins August 10! It's no surprise that children (and adults) find these amazing predators interesting and have tuned in to Shark Week for 27 years. Shark Week was created by the Discovery Channel to keep people informed about and respectful of sharks. They are a key part of the […]

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GenreList VII: Heatwave

Red and Orange Sunrise over Chicago Skyline

This time, on GenreList: It might be mild in Chicago, but in Hollywood summer is always a searing season of drama, pressure and conflict. Join us as tensions build, the temperature rises and summer builds to an explosive conclusion!

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